Try these spring self-care challenge ideas to help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Use these simple self-care habits to improve your mood during this season in your life.

Finding the right time to focus on yourself might be challenging, especially as a busy mom. Simplicity teaches you how to use your resources more wisely; it is letting go of material things and embracing your time with the people around you. The benefits of creating a simple life routine as part of your self-care regimen include having more time for what matters most, less stress, less mental clutter, and more gratitude.

There are a variety of common self-care strategies you can try throughout the week to boost your mood including maintaining a regular sleeping routine, healthy eating, spending time outdoors, and doing hobbies that you enjoy. 

Customize Your Spring Self-Care Challenge

Challenge yourself this spring to do activities that make your soul happy, and enjoy them with those you love. These activities may include spending 20 minutes outdoors, breathing fresh air under a tree, going for a family walk and cleaning up your neighborhood, dancing in the rain with the kids, or starting a family garden.

Here are other spring self-care ideas worth looking into:

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Give one of these spring self-care challenge ideas a try this season!

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