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There are a number of educational shows on Netflix for families to watch together. Here you’ll find out what are the top 10 shows on Netflix for kids and what are some good TV shows for 10 year olds and beyond. This post highlights educational programs for kids and ways to help your child retain the information during screen time.

Learn how you can help control kids screen time with these tips.

I started homeschooling the kids recently and have included screentime in the daily schedule. From online educational learning to shows on TV, it’s important to note how screentime can be beneficial during this time.

Whether you’re keeping the kids busy with reading material or letting them use the iPad, there are a number of things to consider.

Making time for family will be essential during your time indoors in the upcoming weeks. However, the use of technology might be inevitable. It’s all about how you control kids’ screentime.

There are a number of educational shows on Netflix for families to watch together. This post highlights educational programs for kids and ways to help your child retain the information during screen time.

Classic programs you’ve watched during your youth like Bill Nye the Science Guy can be found on one of my favorite TV streaming subscriptions. Educational shows on Netflix for kids have always been a good fit for my family.

These days, it’s come in handy for us as we plan out our lessons. There are two types of educational content the kids; 1) enjoy world exploration and 2) everyday facts that work as conversation starters.

In this post, you’ll learn the different programs available on Netflix that offer shows on these two topics.

Preschool Shows On Netflix

For kids who love to learn about the ocean and other parts of the world, Netflix has a variety of programs that highlights life. One of the kids’ favorite TV shows for toddlers on Netflix is Octonauts.


With a catchy tune and lovable characters, it’s a hit in keeping the kids entertained and educated. Below is a list of educational shows on Netflix that highlight animals and teach you about their habitat.

Although Octonauts is meant for school-aged children, its use of bright colors and adorable, memorable characters make it fun for preschoolers as well. The show lets you learn about different animals around the world.

Ask The Storybots

Kids send in questions to ask the Storybots (hence the name), and they research the answer to show their viewers. With the use of fun beats and catchy tunes, Storybots find the answers. The show gets the kids moving and learning — a must-see for families. It also includes fun facts kids enjoy learning on Netflix.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Watching a classic show with the kids is always a plus for me. When there’s a remake of the Magic School Bus, you just have to put it on.

What I like most about this remake is how similar it is to the original. I find myself enjoying the explorations with the kids.

Justin Time

Toddlers learn about the importance of using their imagination to solve everyday problems. The show also teaches about exploration and other cultures.

Word Party

Adorable animals teach your toddler the alphabet and how to spell. It also focuses on everyday issues and ways to solve them.

Educational Shows On Netflix For Tweens And Teens

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Learn important aspects about the world around us, including fun topics like climate change, space exploration, and more.

The Deep

Discover the secrets of the oceans in this animated series which highlights the value of family and teamwork — all at once!

Netflix is one of our favorite streaming providers because it offers a variety of shows to enjoy as a family and offers kids brain teasers.

It’s amazing what you hear on TV programs today. It’s nice to see there are streaming services that are thinking about bringing families together again.

Educational shows on Netflix we love the most are those that share fun facts about everything in life. Below are two of our favorite ones to watch as a family:


Brainchild is a great show for school-age children. We’ve even watched this show with kids in high school! The tips and tricks are fun to watch and share with others who’ve never seen the show.

Carmen Sandiego

Traveling the world and teaching kids about geography, Carmen Sandiego has been around for decades. It’s exciting to see that kids today get to enjoy fresh content from a childhood favorite.

Can Teachers Use Netflix In The Classroom

Learning through digital devices has been considered taboo for years. It wasn’t until recently that research has proven how the content of what your child watches on devices impacts their behavior.

Yes, you could easily hand your child the remote and let them watch hours of educational shows on Netflix. The question is, will they retain the information?

The answer might not be a shocker since humans will space out after a while or eventually fall asleep.

Although teachers can’t use their Netflix subscription to teach at school (per user agreement), teachers can use lessons from Netflix educational documentaries to help with their lessons.

Shows like Brainchild and The Who Was? Show are great for grabbing a child’s attention because they teach information in a fun, engaging way.

Sid The Science Kid is another cool educational show on Netflix that highlights everyday science questions from younger kids. It’s a great resource for introducing your child to the subject.

Based on a Top Picks Video by Common Sense Media, these are the best top picks for kids under 8:

1. True and the Rainbow Kingdom
2. Spirit Riding Free
3. Veggie Tales in the City
4. The Worst Witch
5. Legend Quest

Of the five options above, the kids and I have watched four of these programs. The kids still enjoy True and The Worst Witch to this day.

Spending time with the family on the couch can be exciting. Armed with the right educational shows on Netflix, you can make it a great experience.

It might sound like a fair trade if you’re looking to tire your kids, but the more screens they interact with in the day, the more tired they become.

Even if your child has slept for hours the night before, the excess amount of screen time has made them feel even more exhausted.

In fact, it’s been proven that binge watching TV leads to poor sleep.

To get the most out of educational children’s shows on Netflix, you’ll need to focus on how you present the material to your kids. Below are 5 ways you can help your child retain the information they see on this list of educational shows.

1. Pay attention to the content.

One of the best ways to know whether or not a TV show is okay for your child is to watch it alone beforehand. This way you know the content that is being shown before you introduce it to your child.

2. Ask your child questions about the TV show.

Asking your child questions about the show is a fun way to see if your child is listening and understands the content.

3. Answer any questions your child might have.

When you answer questions about the content your child is watching, you are opening the conversation to different ideas. There are times the content presented on the screen isn’t for their age.

Explaining things to your child can improve their understanding of the world around them. Whether you’re watching a show on underwater creatures or content related to outer space, it’s important that you make it a point to answer your child’s curiousity.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answer. You can turn it into a fun challenge to find the answer together.

4. Engage with the content on the screen.

Not only is it fun to interact with your child, but it can be rewarding to engage with the person on the screen. If your child notices you’re engaging, they will do the same.

5. Plan activities to do together that relate to the show.

Kids are like sponges, and they enjoy feeding their curiosity. The best way to help your child understand the information they are seeing on TV is through practice.

The kids and I love learning about different science experiments and trying them together.

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