We may not have Saturdays to spend as a family like most people do, but we have our days. 
Originally celebrated on Thursdays, our days have become Tuesdays. These are days when we get to spend time together as a family, doing whatever our hearts desire. We used to spend our days at our favorite dog beach, but with our toddler in school, it’s a little tough to head out to the beach on the weekdays. 

Today, we visit local parks after our toddler gets out of preschool. We’ll pack something light to eat as we lay out on the grass and just talk about life. We’re always thinking back to what we’d be doing if we had been back in Jersey, and how it’s been more than two years since the move. 

Trips to local parks remind us of why we decided to make the move. And it’s been quite a journey. 
This journey has taught us that sacrifices are part of finding balance, and that’s one thing we’ve learned to do. 
We’ve made this new life work for us because it focuses on the one thing we love more than anything in this word: our family. 

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  1. I love the idea of planning a specific day a week for your family. It's so nice that you devote yourselves to just hanging out with each other.

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