Dog treats that Rocky actually likes are not always the easiest to come by. If you thought having a toddler meant “picky eater” think again.

Jeff and I were discussing the treats we have tried to give our big guy. He likes yogurt cookies, but only the bacon, egg and cheese flavored ones. Jeff tried giving him the banana ones, and for a short period of time, he actually enjoyed them. But he went back to his original love. What can we say, he likes what he likes.

I sometimes bake the boys some peanut butter cookies. I used to do it more often, but I have been so lazy lately. Sorry, boys. :/

Healthier Alternatives
On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I took some time to scan the aisles one by one and take in all the awesome selections. I always get a really great vibe when I go into a Whole Foods store. I never feel rushed.

I did the usual: read the labels on certain products, picked up the healthier alternatives to some of the things typically buy, and made my way to the sushi stand. Because I cannot leave Whole Foods without it. 🙂

When I saw the frozen foods section, I thought about Jeff’s favorite thing for breakfast. Okay, one of his favorites — sausages! I did not find maple/maple brown sausages, but I did pick up the Applegate Naturals Original Pork Sausages and will be serving them this week. I really hope he likes it. I am trying to keep these boys happy with healthier alternatives. And it helps knowing that I am keeping my boys healthy and happy. 🙂

Fruit Bars For The Toddler
Sebastian loves ice cream almost as much as I do, but he really loves fruit. When we first moved to Florida, I kept the fridge stacked with fruit pops to help keep us cool on warmer days. Sebastian really liked them because it helped with his teething. Although they were good, after some time all you could taste was sugar. They were too sweet for my liking and I did not want to keep buying it if I was paying for sugar rather than real fruit. So when I saw the 365 Everyday Value Fruit Bars, I decided to give them a try. I picked up two boxes for $5, a total of 8 fruit pops for $5. After chowing down on some sushi, Sebastian and I gave these fruit pops a try. It was the carribean mix flavor and we really enjoyed it. A little too cold for the little guy, but still delicious. You could taste the fruits but barely could sense the sugar. That made me happy with my choice.

Organic Cookies For The Pup
We spotted the pet food section and I remembered my conversation with Jeff earlier this week. Our picky pup was getting his favorite yogurt treats sent by mail, but I wanted him to try something new. For less than $8, I picked up the Organix Organic Dog Cookies. It looked like they were made of chocolate so I looked read the label. Two Cs really stood out: Chicken and cheese. I knew Rocky was going to like it.

When we got home I told ️Rocky we had purchased treats for everyone and that if he did not finish his food, he was not getting some. So Rocky went by his bowl and ate some. I guess he thought if he ate “some” of his food it meant he could eat “some” treats.

So, a deal is a deal. I gave him one to try and ended up giving him about 10-15 to satisfy him. We were going to visit Jeff at work so I packed some fruits for Sebastian and some of the dog cookies for Rocky. And we were off! The boys were excited and I was relieved the boys liked their treats.

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