In my last two years of college and soon after graduation, I made it a point to focus on family and friends. 
Steering clear from a recent break up could really do that to you. You know, focusing on the people and things that matter. 
And during those moments I found peace. I attended mass more frequently and connected with people I had never greeted. I started to see life was full of beauty. 
But then something more beautiful happened, I became a parent. 
You never realize how beautiful caring for a crying baby in the middle of the night can be until that baby is your child. 
Before “Us”
Prior to finding out we were going to be parents of a beautiful baby boy, Jeff and I had a different life. 
Work, family and friends were the three things that consumed our lives. Neither one of us were 100% sure we were ready to settle down. 
And then suddenly, we became one. Although it took us years to finally wed, we’ve made it through it all and even welcomed a second child in late 2015.
Love is scary, sometimes it just creeps up on you and you just go with the flow. Four years later, it’s still like living in a dream. Sometimes it may feel like a bad nightmare, but we get through it. 

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