The KISS French Pressons are inexpensive and perfect for any occasion.

It does not take much to make your nails look fabulous. I have not been to a nail salon in forever, and I do not see myself going to one anytime soon. Honestly, I do not have the time to sit and have my hair done by someone else, so when would I have time to sit still and let someone else do my nails?

I have never been one to enjoy being pampered. Yes, that is very weird coming from a person who, at one point, always wore fake nails and made sure she went to the salon once a week to keep up with her locks. Just because I did it does not mean I genuinely enjoyed it. I rather do everything on my own. So, that is what I do today — hair, nails, eyebrows and all. It makes my life easier. Although it can get stressful, like this week when I over- plucked my eyebrows and now I look surprised all the time, but I think it is all well worth it.

So, for this week’s Going Chic series, I am sharing my thoughts on the Everlasting French manicure set from KISS. It cost less than $5 and has lasted all week. I recently shared my obsession with fake nails and my review of the Makello’s Nails set. You can check that out over here.

Simple, Yet ElegantShort nails are always a good idea for moms because they make life so much easier. Because my little guy is not potty trained, and I have to pick him up from time to time, I keep my nails short. This makes it easier to clean up his messes and not have to worry about scratching him.

With the Everlasting French manicure set from KISS, I can dress up or dress down. Whether I am wearing a dress or my favorite pair of yoga pants, I can still look somewhat groomed with these nails. I always asked for a French manicure when I would go to the nail salon, and it is nice to know I can get the same results with the Everlasting French manicure set from KISS.

KISS recently launched the Salon Acrylic French and it looks amazing. I did not see it at Publix, but I did see the ads for it on the KISS website. It costs less than $10 to try these. To learn more, head over to the KISS YouTube channel.  

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