There’s something about buying local that makes me smile. Maybe it’s because I’m helping to support a family and someone’s dreams, but whatever it is, there’s a lot of perks to purchasing from local vendors. 
For Christmas, most people think about your kids and buy them things they already have, like clothes and toys. You end up with a pile of things for your children and nothing is for you. 
Not that I wanted a gift from family and friends, but it definitely feels nice when someone thinks of you too. 
And someone did. 
My husband’s former co-worker had picked out an outfit for both boys and she purchased three small gifts for me. Two were candles and the third was a key lime salt scrub from Florida Salt Scrub. The company is based out in Boca Raton. 
I tried it for the first time this week when my son refused to get out of the bath tub. My hands felt and smelled so good. I was curious if it would help clean up the oils on my face. And it did, leaving my skin super soft to the touch and hydrated. It’s definitely something I’ll need to apply every week or so.
After more than 3 days, my skin continues to feel soft. That’s a win in my eyes because I’m constantly doing things with my hands around the house, and if I’m going to focus on my blog as a business, I’ll be shaking a lot of hands. Rough hands are never a good thing, unless you’re a carpenter. 

Have you tried salt scrubs before? 

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