Getting the kids excited about spending more time with you can be tough at times. After spending months at home, these fun family challenges are just what you need to get everyone on board this season. 

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Make time for the kids — together with these family fun ideas!

If you’re looking for family challenge ideas you can do together, then you’ll want to think back to your childhood. 

You can start by making a list of the games you played as a child with your family and friends. 

Some of the more simple ones are always a hit with the kids. Focus on those as you plan a summer fun schedule for everyone. 

Whether you’re having family over or not, it’s important that you make this summer a success for the kids. 

For most, this might mean random trips to the beach or community pool. Whatever your heart desires, make sure it’s something that helps you and your family relax. 

Planning ahead every week can help you minimize the stress and get the kids excited for upcoming events. If you’re in need of fun challenges, then I recommend trying a couple from Playtivities.

What Challenges Can You Do At Home? 

Are you curious about what are some fun challenges to do? It’s 

Simple, everyday challenges you can do at home are the easiest to plan. With little to no prep, you can create a fun activity for everyone to join. 

Food challenges are one of my favorite fun mom ideas to do with the kids. From fake food dishes to trying different flavored candies together, there’s a lot you can do when entertaining your family. 

With various fun family challenges available online, there’s no room for boredom. 

You can do the OREO challenge. There are different flavors to try together and tasting them all can be interesting as you discover which ones you like best. 

It might surprise you who might like the S’mores OREO pack

The Beanboozled Jelly Belly treats are one of my favorite challenges to try with the kids. If you’re a fan of hot treats, then the Beanboozled Fiery Five is the one for you. 

Another challenge you can try with the kids is to Guess The Song. Whoever gets the name and artist of the song gets a point. 

You can tally it up at the end to see who wins. If you’re feeling lucky, then go with Guess The Lyrics. 

Play a popular song and stop it right in the middle and see if someone can correctly guess the rest of the lyrics in that line. 

This can be quite challenging for younger kids, but a blast to try with the older ones who are familiar with hit songs. 

Other fun games for kids to try include:

  • A family race;
  • Most jumps on a jump rope;
  • Stacking cups;
  • Truth or Dare; 
  • Lip reading; and 
  • Never Have I Ever

How Do You Make Family Game Night Fun? 

Planning games to play with the kids at home can be a great way to connect with others. Whether you decide to use it as an ice breaker or to entertain guests, it’s important to understand what types of games to play with everyone. 

First, ask yourself what is a fun game to play with the kids? 

Regardless of what board game you might have at home, there’s always someone who becomes the naysayer to everything you suggest. 

Getting creative will save you the headache. I’ve had to break the ice on numerous occasions — more so between our families. 

It’s been interesting watching everyone interact and share genuine laughs together. 

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Learn how to make family game nights exciting.

One of the ways you can break the ice with fun family challenges is by asking a question. The one question I like asking other couples is: would your family have picked someone like your partner for you? 

That single question has helped people open up about their upbringing, who they are, and their family’s lifestyle. Fortunately, it hasn’t been a touchy subject for anyone. 

Also, it’s been nice to know that my husband and I both agree that our families would’ve liked someone like us to each other. 

However, there are times you don’t have access to items at home. Confused as to what games can you play as a group? You’re not the first. 

There are a number of games to play without materials. You can try any of these options below:

  • Rock, Paper, Scissor 
  • Mano Caliente/ Hot Hand
  • I Spy
  • Telephone
  • Story Time
  • Guess The Number
  • Hot Potato
  • Hide And Seek
  • Charades
  • Random Questions

The game of Rock, Paper, Scissor is one that has helped the kids and me make decisions at home. From who gets to sit next to someone over who gets the front seat, it’s interesting to see how much it helps solve issues between the kids. 

Playing Rock, Paper, Scissor is a great game to keep the kids entertained and playing for 15-20 minutes, or so. 

Manos Caliente or Hot Hand is a game I grew up playing with my dad. It was his way of keeping my brothers and me busy before bed. 

Sometimes the game would tire us out from all the laughs. It is a little physical and can hurt someone in the process. 

I didn’t find a video of it on YouTube, but here’s how you play: 

  • One person places their hands in front of another person with their palms facing up
  • The other person places their two hands on the player’s hands, palms facing down
  • The first player has to smack the other player’s hand
  • If the player succeeds, that is a point for them
  • If the play doesn’t succeed in slapping their opponent’s hand, then they switch places until the other player misses
  • The player with the most slaps wins

I Spy is a classic game that parents use to help kids learn their colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s one of my favorite games which don’t require material. 

Players make use of the items around them, asking questions about the item the opponent is focusing on. 

Telephone is a great game to play. It shows you what happens when news travels fast and people interpret what they want to hear. 

One person starts a phrase and passes it on to the next person. The next person does the same with whoever follows. 

Once the last person hears the phrase, they share whatever they heard with everyone and ask the person what was the original message. 

You’ll notice how different the message becomes after being passed around. 

Playing Story Time can be exciting for the kids. One person starts with the beginning, and others continue to tell the story. 

This is a great way for everyone to use their imaginations. I play this often with the kids.

I do this when it’s time to read a bedtime story and I’m too exhausted to open a book. 

Guess The Number is a game I played as a child. Sometimes the kids and I will do this to decide who will get to go first in another game. 

If you remember playing this game as a child, then you probably recall saying, “I’m thinking of a number between…” 

This helps your opponents narrow down the possibilities. The game is still played this way and is a fun way to get the kids playing together. 

Grabbing anything in the room and tossing it around to a song is the best way to describe how to play Hot Potato

Simplify the process by adding a song in the background and pausing it from time to time. 

Here’s a song to play when you’re looking to have everyone join in without knowing when the song will stop.

Hide And Seek is a cute game for the little ones. You can play it anytime of the day and is a great way to tire out the kids before bedtime. 

This is one of the ways my husband makes time for the kids at night. If they are awake when he gets home, then he plays a game or two with the kids throughout the house. 

One person counts to the number 10 and the others hide. After the person reaches 10, they need to seek the rest of the players. Whomever gets caught first becomes “it” and has to start the game over by counting while the others hide. 

Charades are perfect for the kids because they get to act like objects or people. Some even act out places to keep the fun going. 

Although some people get frustrated playing games like this, it can be a great family game night idea. 

Grab a pen and paper and keep the tally for the game. It can get interesting for everyone. 

Asking random questions is a game because it keeps everyone active. Whether you’re the one asking or answering, you’ll be sure to get intrigued by the answers.

Fun Family Challenges For Outdoors

As the weather begins to warm up for the summer months, it’s the best time to make your way outside. Whether you’re looking for backyard activities for kids or simply planning fun outdoor activities for adults, there’s more to do with open spaces.

Get together a scavenger hunt for everyone. Adults and kids alike enjoy doing challenges together. Partner adults with kids and see which team wins the prize.

Of course, you’ll need to have an interesting prize for everyone to want to win.

If you want less planning for your family gatherings, then I recommend leaving lawn games outside for everyone to enjoy. Jenga is always a hit with your crew.

Another one of my favorite outdoor fun family challenges to try is creating a section for therapeutic gardening.

With the temperature rising, there’s more reason to want to head outside with the kids. Having a family garden makes it interesting for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Creating a good time with the family doesn’t take much. You can be spontaneous or plan it out — it’s up to you. A simple Yes Day challenge would be one for the books.

The important thing is to enjoy the time you have together. There won’t be another day quite like the one you’re experiencing today, so make it a memory worth looking back on.

Sometimes you might find yourself getting caught up on what needs to be done prior to having family and friends over that you forget the importance of enjoying moments.

Create those memories, and make the time worth it. Not only for the kids but for yourself.

It’s okay to have an idea of how you’d like the day to go, but you’ll need to be okay with whatever might happen along the way.

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  1. When my kids were little, we had so much fun playing charades. We’d always incorporate that in our movie and game night, which is usually Saturdays. Now that I have a grandson, we play hide and seek. He just needs to learn to find better hiding places. Haha.

  2. These all sound like a lot of fun. I’ll have to save this so I can do some of these with my daughters. I’m sure they’ll love it.

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