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The best tip I can give a mom on how to be a loving mother is to dedicate time to her family. Kids can be a handful, but there are a number of tips on how to be a better mom and wife by simply adding fun mom ideas into your day.

Thinking of ways to entertain your kids this week? Make sure to give these fun mom ideas a try. With more than 20 ways on how to be a fun parent, there's no need to pull out the screens.

Finding time for what matters should be simple, right? Well, when you’re juggling a lot on one plate and trying to balance a couple of things on another, you almost forget the golden rule of parenting: to have fun together.

Folks, I know it’s not always easy to be present, but there are a handful of ways to do so without losing your mind. It starts with using your mind instead.

What Is A Fun Mom

Dedicating time to those you love is a great way to make the best out of the years you have with your kids. There are a variety of super fun ways you can do so that will help improve your connection.

However, it takes a fun mom to get the excitement going. So, what is a fun mom, you ask?

A fun mom is the person who enjoys spending time with her kids and makes the best out of the moments they have together. She’s always thinking of a list of activities she can do with her kids during the week.

Her excitement comes from the moments she creates with her family and she’s willing to share her time with the kids as part of her parenting style. She has a need to entertain her kids.

She’s sneaky too, because the time she spent doing things kids love, she was also planning ways to sneak in alone time or with her partner.

A fun mom lives in a happy home, where messes are the least of her concern. She focuses her energy on having the kids work as a team, and rewards them with simple life pleasures.

How to be a better wife and mom by dedicating time to your family. These fun mom ideas are perfect for understanding how to be a happy mom.

How Can I Be A Fun Mom Again

Being a fun mom isn’t always easy. It requires you to have the right mindset for activities to do together.

Sometimes, life gets in the way and the last thing on your mind is to focus on creating ways to keep the kids busy. It’s harder when you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of a break.

As a parent, you’re allowed breaks. You can stop for breathers and you can definitely make time for yourself throughout the day.

If you don’t, you’ll find yourself feeling defeated by the kids most of the time. Instead, work on ways to get your family to help lighten your load.

There are many ways you can work on being a fun mom again. For starters, you can make a list of the things your family enjoys doing together.

Then, work on a separate list of ideas that focus on what each person likes to do. You can use these two lists as a guide to start planning more family activities throughout the week.

How To Be A Better Mom And Wife

There’s this unspoken rule as a parent that you need to understand. It’s the importance of learning how to juggle the duties of a mom and of being a spouse.

In 2018, I promised myself to never let everyday life get in the way of parenting or my marriage. After all, everything I do is for my family, so why wouldn’t I want to spend more time with them?

Unfortunately, there were times when hanging with the kids during the day would get stressful. Within seconds, I’d go from planning different family activities throughout the week to being a grumpy one and canceling everything.

I had to learn how to embrace the mess (at least until the fun was over), instead of driving myself insane because there were LEGO pieces everywhere.

I didn’t want to spend time with my husband at night because my mind was set on the things I hadn’t achieved throughout the day. I’d get upset with myself and upset with my husband because he wanted me to just sit and relax.

Below are five ways I was able to incorporate fun mom ideas into my day and still make time for myself and my husband at night.

1. Scheduled time for the essentials

My morning routine has helped me improve my attitude throughout the day. It’s made it easier for me to focus on the things that make me smile.

Waking up 30 minutes before everyone gives me the time I need to relax without putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I get to enjoy a cup of tea and plan out my day.

2. Stayed positive throughout the day

It’s one thing to read and share positive things online, but it’s another to live that life. Staying positive has been helpful for me and my family.

It reminds me that there are more things in life to be grateful for — most of which include simple ways of living. The more I focused on positivity, the more I learned to appreciate moments with the kids during the day.

3. Focused on fun activities for the family

The more I added fun activities for kids, the more tired they became. It was nice to see them fall asleep around the time I had scheduled during the week.

It felt like a sense of accomplishment to see their little heads hit the pillow by 7:30/8 PM. Tiring the kids out meant more time for myself before my husband got home.

I will admit that I took naps while the kids laid their heads for bed. It was the best way for me to refuel at night.

4. Made time for my husband and I at night

It was like a dream to wake up with a kiss from my husband when he’d get home after work. With time, I’d focus on other ways to make use of the time before my husband would arrive by setting up areas of our home for us to spend time together.

Whether it was dinner on the patio or movie and snacks before bed in the living room, it made us feel like it was just us again.

I still do this today because it’s made a difference in our relationship.

What Do Moms Do For Fun

Being a kid at heart isn’t difficult. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think back to the things that made me smile as a kid.

At one point, it was playing video games and I started doing so on my phone. The irony is, I use my smartphone to communicate daily with clients.

It wasn’t until I rediscovered my love for LEGO products that I started to make use of the time I have with the kids. Unplugging from my mobile phone and laptop during the day meant more time for my family.

This also meant more time to complete tasks around the house.

To answer what do moms do for fun, it depends. Some moms find joy in going to the store, while others prefer going for a walk.

For me, learning how to be a happy mom is all about focusing on creating something and coming up with ways to simplify my life. There’s joy in simplicity and that’s something I continue to embed in the kids’ heads.

You don’t need much to make the most out of your day. You just need each other.

Fun Mom Ideas To Try This Week

When family and friends ask what my secret to keeping the kids so well-behaved, I let them know bribery and spending time together is a huge part of it.

So, here’s where I spill my secrets. Are you ready?

Let this week be the time you focus on stress free, family fun ideas to do with the kids. Below are 32 ideas for you to try this summer break (or week):

1.Plan a trip to their favorite store and let them play in the toy section

This is something I love to do with the kids since it’s free entertainment for them. They enjoy looking at different toys they’ve spotted on YouTube or commercials — yes, I make the kids watch commercials.

2. Build an indoor fort and enjoy a movie with the kids. 

Movie nights are always a good time for the kids. This is when they get to pick out a film they’d like to see together. Planning movie nights when my husband is home is one of our favorite things to do. It helps keep their bond strong.

3. Let the kids use their imaginations and tell scary stories together. 

Kids love to use their imaginations throughout the day, why not let them entertain the crowd with a story? One of the ways I get the kids to sleep without reading to them during our bedtime routine is by letting them tell me a story. I use this time to help them to properly express themselves.

4. Create an obstacle course at a local park and have small prizes waiting for them after each one.

A challenge is a plus because it allows the kids to make use of good competition. There’s nothing wrong with setting up prizes for the winners.

5. Bake something delicious and let them decorate it.

Whether you choose to go with something sweet or something to add to your dinner dishes, it’s important to let the kids help out in the kitchen.

6. Have a pretend-play food challenge for them to come up with creative dishes for you to judge. 

One of our favorite pastimes is playing chef challenges. My husband and I like to play the judges and the kids enjoy cooking for us. I will say, the dishes the kids come up with are quite interesting.

7. Visit their favorite playground and have a picnic.

The kids love to eat, and it’s no surprise that when we mention family picnic, they choose to do it at a local playground.

8. Run in the rain. 

I did this a lot as a kid and it never gets old. We’ve run in the rain with the kids during the summer months to help cool off after some outdoor fun.

9. Pick seeds from your kids’ favorite fruits and use them to make your own home garden.

Planting something with the kids can teach them the value in having patience. Our kids enjoy helping with our garden. It’s a great way to teach them about caring for the environment as well.

10. Plan a karaoke night with their favorite songs.

The kids love singing songs from their favorite musicals. Karaoke nights are a great way to get them to build confidence.

11. Have a dance-off with the kids.

Dancing the energy off from a long day is a good idea when you need something to tire the kids. This is one of my go-to fun mom ideas that help me, too.

12. Visit their favorite family member’s house.

The kids love visiting their favorite cousins from time to time, so we make the trip whenever we can.

13. Host a movie night for them and their friends. (BONUS: Have their favorite snacks available)

Inviting friends is a plus. It can help another parent get other things done or even socialize with you. Snacks are always a plus when you’re hosting a family night.

14. Surprise-attack them with water balloons or squirt guns.

Water balloons are always a hit around here. We love surprising the kids with a trip to local water parks in South Florida.

15. Host a family Nerf gun fight in your garage/backyard.

Nerf gun fights are just as exciting as water play. It keeps the kids on their toes and some competition is never a bad idea.

16. Take a walk around the neighborhood and play I-Spy.

Walking is a great exercise idea for the family when you’re all at home. Throwing a game into the mix is a fun way to keep the kids’ minds active as well.

17. Create a new game together with silly rules to follow.

This can get interesting as the game goes on. Our kids do this already with popular games like Monopoly and such. Creating your own game makes it even more exciting.

18. Take out those coloring books and bring images to life.

We love coloring with the kids. It’s one of the ways we keep the stress levels down around here. It also entertains the kids for more than 10 minutes.

19. Look up recipes and cook something delicious.

Baking is always a good idea for the kids to try. Simply letting them into the kitchen has proven to help with their nutrition (they taste as they cook) and teaches them a life lesson.

20. Take out a blanket, grab your favorite snacks and enjoy the stillness of the night.

Night picnics are a thing. You can just head outside to your patio and enjoy the way the stars look with the kids. Talk about the day or something you’re hoping would happen that week/month. Discussing family goals is always a plus!

21. Play hide-and-seek throughout the house.

Playing games indoors can get a bit out of hand. However, if you set boundaries you should be okay. Also, tidy up beforehand so no one gets hurt running around.

22. Start a collection together.

We’ve been working on collecting items for years. From LEGO pieces to Marvel products. It’s been interesting playing with the kids and sharing my love for toys with them.

23. Pretend something is different.

You can say the floor is lava or someone who is invisible is going to grab you. Anything that will get the kids thinking about their next move.

24. Do a silly prank

You can’t take life too seriously, and pranks are a great reminder of this. Keep it going and see who has the best (and funniest) ones.

25. Get a tickle fight going

Oh, it’s on with tickle fights. Just make sure no one pees their pants.

26. Make a fun milkshake or ice cream treat for everyone to try

Milkshakes are great! You can throw just about any fruit together into your treate and create something new. BONUS: Come up with a name for it

27. Schedule themed dinner nights together

The kids will love coming up with their own idea of what dinner should be throughout the week. Give them each a day they get to choose the menu.

28. Think of a themed day to have everyone join in on

A fun idea to try for a themed day is crazy hair day or mix-matched socks day. Kids love doing silly things together.

29. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids to go on together

This idea might buy you some time because the kids will be at it for a bit until they reach the prize. Have something awesome for them to discover at the end.

30. Play sketch artist

Have the kids describe someone to you and draw them out together. It could be someone in the family or someone random. The ideas they’ll shoot out will be entertaining.

31. Sleep in a different room

One of the things my parents and I did when the A/C broke down was sleep on the floor of the coolest room. It was such a great time. Try a different room throughout the week and setup pillow forts to sleep in.

32. Ask random questions to get their brains going

This is a fun way to get the most out of moments together. Asking questions can make it more challenging with time.

6 Water Play Ideas For The Kids This Week

Summer is one of our favorite seasons. You’re probably wondering why since we live in the Sunshine State.

Our oldest is now in school and summer is how we plan our fun activities. From family trips to local play dates with other moms, it’s been exciting to get the boys out more.

It’s interesting to see how much we can do with water play. To help inspire you and your little ones, we’ve put together six ideas for you to try this week:

  1. Go to a local splash pad. These are always a hit with the boys!

2. Visit nearby pools. We prefer our community pool or a family member’s.

3. Have a water balloon fight. We make water balloons by the 100s using this.

4. Grab water guns and fill them up. The kids and adults always jump in to join the fun. Check out this pack of 30 water guns for your family and friends to enjoy.

5. Turn on the hose. Whether you’re washing the car or simply watering the plants, you can make it a great time with the kids with just the hose. We did this as kids and it was fun helping my dad wash the car.

6. Plan a play date at the water park with friends. You can save by bringing your own snacks and other essentials.

Have you tried any of these fun mom ideas with your kids?

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  1. I love this! We have let my toddler jump in puddles and play in the rain barefoot, cook with us (loves cracking the eggs), decorate cookies and build forts. These are great ideas and I’m going to use them. Thank you!

  2. I wasn’t a messy player when I was was kid I know. But encountering so much kids as I grew older I knew i had to deal with the mess they made for I will be dealing with it someday whether I like or not. Lolz

  3. Being a kid at heart has a great value in this world. So often times we place ourselves by what society wants us to live.

  4. These are just the kind of things kids really love to do. My granddaughter likes to take rain walks. 🙂

  5. You have a great list here. My husband and I are in the process of adopting so I will definitely use some of these ideas for once we get a placement and the adoption is finalized.

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