Hosting A Gender Reveal

Finding out the gender of your baby is such a blessing. Although I strongly believe in raising your children the same e regardless of their sex, knowing your child’s gender can help you plan ahead.

When I found out a family member was pregnant, I was excited for her and her little family. They are such great parents to their other children and knowing that they’ll be welcoming another child this fall has been a blessing. Not only because they’ll be adding another boy and we can offer them a good chunk of the things our boys no longer use, but because of the love they’ve shown our children.

Preparing For The Party 
Planning in advance is always fun, but sometimes it can feel unrealistic. No matter how many times you write something on your To-Do list, it doesn’t make the task easier to accomplish. For more than a month, I had been thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish before the night of

For more than a month, I had been thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish before the night of the gender reveal. We were in the process of moving to our new home when I told our family member we’d love to host their gender reveal celebration. It wasn’t until after the move that I wanted to relocate the party and celebrate at a local park. Although it would’ve been easier to clean, we knew there was a possibility of rain and humidity. It’s rain season here in South Florida, so we needed to make sure our new home was ready for guests. Tidying up and making sure everything was in its place was a priority.

Prepping for the party was fun. Going to different stores to find the right decor for the gender reveal was key. I knew our family was divided on whether or not the mother-to-be was expecting a boy or a girl, so I had a little fun with it.

Adding pink balloons to the box with the answer was the perfect distraction for everyone. You can check out how it all went down in this Instagram video:

It’s All In The Details 
When I sat down to think about how much we’d be spending on hosting the gender reveal, I reminded myself of the importance of detail. Nothing makes a party more exciting than getting everyone involved. We picked up party poppers filled with confetti for everyone to release when the answer had been revealed. The kids loved the idea — and so did the adults!

Aside from the party poppers, I also added some funky Team Boy/Team Girl sunglasses and bow/bowtie photo props for everyone to use while we anticipated the gender reveal.

Here’s an image of some of the things we used to prepare for the celebration: 

Surprise, Surprise!
Finding out the sex of the baby can be a blessing but in this case there was a bit of a confusion. Cue in the party poppers! 

I inserted pink balloons at the top of the box to create a confusion. I know the mom-to-be had hoped for a girl, and a lot of the party attendants were rooting for one as well.

Here’s a shot of when they saw the pink balloons:  

And the final shot of the reveal, which shows the excitement of finding out they’re expecting a baby boy:

As part of hosting the gender reveal party, I wanted to give our mom-to-be a gift that would allow her some piece of mind while caring for her child and could be used for more than the first three months.

I was excited to give her the VTech VM342 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens ($129.95 ARV). Now she doesn’t have to add a baby monitor to her list of baby must-haves.

With VTech, parents don’t have to choose between style and design, or features and functionality. VTech’s feature-rich and modern baby monitors provide parents with stylish choices and the comfort of knowing they always have eyes and ears on their little ones.

Most VTech baby monitors come standard with up to 1,000 feet of range, digital transmission and two-way, talk-back intercoms, allowing today’s parents to stay more connected with their baby than ever before.

There are a number of features on the VTech VM342 Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens including a 170-degree wide-angle lens, automatic infrared night vision, two-way talk-back intercom, and up to 1,000 feet of range. There’s also a vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit and temperature sensor.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a VTech baby monitor, then I recommend heading over to Walmart, Target, Amazon or

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Amber

    I just love this! So creative and fun. Plus that baby monitor looks fabulous. I wish I had one like it when my kids were tiny. I would have used it ALL the time.

    1. Fatima Torres

      Thank you. The baby monitor was her favorite part. Nothing beats stocking up for when you’re little one arrives.

  2. makeamomsmile

    Gender Reveal parties always look so fun! I wish this was around when I had babies! Congrats on the baby boy!

    1. Fatima Torres

      Thank you. We’re so excited for the new arrival. I bet our family members can’t wait to meet the little man.

  3. parentingpatch

    I have to admit that I am totally not into gender reveals for a variety of reasons. In fact, for my first baby, I had a gender neutral party because I wanted the sex to be a surprise at birth.

    1. Fatima Torres

      I know what you mean. My parents did the same with all four of us.

  4. Corinne & Kirsty 🌸 (@corinnekirsty)

    I had never heard of gender reveal party before reading this post. Might be quite some fun indeed. However, I think i’d like to keep the gender of my baby until birth. Just to avoid gender-based clothes and gifts. Like all blue or all pink ahah xx corinne

  5. Ankita

    Gender reveal party is of great fun i guess..I love the party poppers..:)

  6. Jessica Taylor

    My cousin just had a gender reveal party (a boy, yay!), but it wasn’t anything like this! I love how VTech could go for both genders!

  7. Silvija

    It looks so much fun!!! Great ideas

  8. Gloria

    This is fabulous. My cousin is pregnant with her first baby and wants to have a gender reveal party so I was looking around for her. Going to send her your way. =D

    1. Fatima Torres

      It’s worth it. Best wishes to your cousin during her first pregnancy!

  9. nlampert

    That baby monitor looks incredible! I’ll have to recommending to my friend who is expecting

    1. Fatima Torres

      It’s worth recommending! I really like the different features and how convenient it is for first-time parents.

  10. mrscaudle1011

    I love this! It looks like you had an amazing party!

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