They say every pregnancy is different and so is every birth, but what they fail to mention is the first couple of nights with your newborn. 
Regardless if you delivered your child via c-section or natural birth, new moms are exhausted after the birthing process. Although everyone will recommend lots of rest, that will depend on your newborn’s comfort level. 
Womb Service Versus Room Service 
Caring for your little one while they’re in your womb is different from when they’re out in the world. Hungry? Eat away! Tired? Sleep the entire day! 
But now, it’s two separate bodies with very similar needs. And guess whose needs come first? 
Actually, both of you have very important needs that must be attended to. If you have a great support group, then your needs will be met sooner than expected. 
Tame The Mess With Comfort
Family, friends and co-workers had given us several packs of Pampers newborn diapers during our first son’s baby shower that we never had to go out and purchase our own. 
And to top it all off, we received a couple of Pampers newborn diapers from the hospital as well. 
Jeff and I had our second son this past Friday and are very thankful for the HUGGIES Newborn Little Snugglers we received from the company to try. 
We’ve been using HUGGIES with Sebastian since he started on size one diapers and really enjoyed the comfort level — both for baby and parents have been very pleased. 
One of the nurses asked why I wasn’t using the Pampers packs they had provided and I explained my experience the first time around and how they leaked after my son’s circumcision, and all the drama that went down on that night.
This time I chose HUGGIES for my hospital stay and was very pleased with the results on the night after my second son’s circumcision. The comfort these diapers provided and the amount of urine it absorbed was reassuring — we had chosen the right diapers this time and our little one rewarded us with adequate sleep. 
Catering To Your Baby’s Needs
After our newborn’s first at-home bath, my father was concerned with his belly button touching/rubbing against his diaper and possibly hurting him. 
I showed him the cutout below the navel on the HUGGIES newborn Little Snugglers diapers to help prevent irritating the belly button and he was impressed. Then I showed him the ones from the hospital and he said, “I guess they didn’t think about the newborns and their belly button.” 
I was so happy to not be the only one who noticed the attention the detail when these diapers were made. They absorb everything which makes resting at night with our newborn a breeze.
Expecting a baby? Be sure to pack the necessary items, like your phone charger. Here’s a post on what we packed the second time around. 

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