You just never know how awesome something could be until you give it a try.

I thought about taking a break from my blog twice before I realized I pretty much needed the time off. You never realize how much work goes into maintaining a blog until you take a look back at all the pieces you have created. It was not until I decided to switch my website from .org to .com that I realized I had so many good posts and I need to figure out how I will breathe life back into them and think of what direction I would like my blog to take.

As I continue to work with more brands and monetize my efforts, I really want to improve the look and feel of my website.

To some, my .org website looks amazing, but not to me. I like it, just not in love with it.

Aside from the obvious switch, I needed to invest less to gain more. After running into a fellow blogger who also a social media strategist for one of my favorite local companies, my mind was blown at how I was limiting myself. My .org website is on (you cannot do much on there, but you pay little for a domain name).

I had plans of switching over to once I had enough from campaigns. But something told me to research a little more. I have always wanted to move back to Blogger because I feel you get more for less, and no matter how much more professional your website will look on WordPress, I like the minimalist approach. themes that look and work great often cost money. And there are plugins — that is a whole monster on its own. 
Yes, you want to invest to get the most out of any experience. But, how about investing what you can at that moment and making it work for you? That was what I wanted to do, but ever since the switch I have been feeling uninspired.

With our family trip less than a week away, I knew I needed to get out of my funk and go on with it. To do so, I needed some inspiration.

Here are 5 things I started doing to help give myself a little boost:

1. Tracked my progress. It is tax season and I looked back at when I started monetizing my blog late last year and how little effort I had placed on it then.

It was nice to see that from that short period of time I made almost $500 from October to December. Laying everything out in front of me made me realize A) I cannot wait for next year’s taxes and B) I am doing okay, even when I thought it was eh. 

2. Researched tips from other bloggers. The cool thing about online communities is that we always try to help each other. I have been able to really get to know some of the bloggers and social media gurus I have idolized for years. And the best part is, they actually recognize me when we meet. How awesome is that?

3. Connected with local companies. I have been trying my best to make pitches sent to me for my blog work for upcoming pieces. Whether it is an organic food company looking to have me review their product or a stroller company that wants to have me participate in their latest campaign, I look at how their company can help my readers.

4. Enjoyed moments with my family. In between the product reviews, giveaways, and news about companies, I like to share personal stories about my boys. After all, it is Motherhood Through My Eyes. I never want to let go of that part of my blog. It definitely keeps me sane. 🙂

5. Reworked my editorial calendar. Although I am still working on it, I decided that forcing myself to post on certain topics Monday through Friday was not going to work. I never like to feel forced to do anything.

How do you get back into the groove of things when you take a break? 

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