What Is A Good Mom? These Good Mom Qualities Will Help You Understand

Tips on good mom qualities worth having as a parent and the characteristics used to describe a good mom and the ones to model daily.

Raising kids can be an interesting reflection of who you are. After all, kids mimic the world around them – including the people they spend most of their time.

Being a good parent means understanding what your child needs from you. Whether it is spending time together or simply hearing them out. 

If you are willing to listen, then your child is more likely to open up. 

The problem with being a mom of multiple children is being able to provide your undivided attention to each child. 

Other issues moms deal with on a daily basis are: 

  • Juggling work and family life challenges
  • Limited time and fatigue
  • Feeling of isolation
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Connecting with your partner
  • Communicating your emotions

If you have older children, then you understand the struggle to keep them motivated. It gets harder at times when you feel the least motivated yourself. 

Putting aside your emotions can be a tough transition when you become a parent. Regardless of how you are feeling at the moment, most of the time you need to put on a brave face and keep going. 

That is not to say you cannot be real and honest about how you are feeling with those around you. It just takes an understanding of when and how to do so. 

good mom qualities - The Self-Care Mom
Characteristics of a good mom and why you should work on your relationship with your mother.

Good Mom Qualities To Help You Cope With Parenting

Humor will get you through the toughest moments in life – including parenting little ones. 

In times of stress, being able to laugh at yourself at that moment will help you cope with the struggles of parenting. 

Aside from having a sense of humor, being a good mom will require you to have patience. There are various reasons why you might want to focus on being patient as a mom. 

If you cannot cope with an issue at the moment, be sure to offer an ear. Listening can make it easy for you and your child when the going gets tough. 

Other ways you can improve your relationship with your child: 

  • Give hugs – lots of them
  • Learn to set boundaries
  • Lend your child an ear and let them vent
  • Try to see things through the eyes of your child (their perception of things) 
  • Offer unconditional love
  • Teach your child about discipline
  • Forget balance – being a parent is a juggling act
  • Admit when you are wrong and apologize for it
  • Keep your word 
  • Always make it up to your child when things are out of your control
  • Take breaks – you will need them
  • Do your best to overcome any obstacle that comes your way (kids are watching and learning from you)
  • Use your time wisely

Connecting with your child also means accepting them as they are. You cannot create your version of the perfect child. 

Accepting a child means accepting yourself as well, and understanding that perfection is a myth. Your child learns from you and you learn how to treat them through your interactions. 

As you continue to engage with your child, you begin to understand the value of the connection between parent and child. At times, this can even help you in connecting with your own parent(s). 

Despite what your relationship might be with your parent(s), it is important that you do your best to improve the connection you have with your child. 

Being respectful with one another will prove to your child that respect is expected when it is given. A supportive and loving mother knows what it means to respect herself as well as others around her. 

Best Mom Quality: Forgiveness

Aside from being kind, nurturing, and respectful, a good mom understands why forgiveness is a big part of parenting. 

Holding grudges with your child means you lack communication skills. Discussing issues can help you both find a solution and strengthen your relationship. 

Not only is it important to forgive your child, but also to forgive yourself, too. You should not let your emotions or your thoughts get the best of you. 

Although it may not be easy, learning to forgive yourself creates strength and builds your self-confidence

At times, it might be easier to hold onto the mom guilt. However, it is best to release your inner critic. 

Setting reasonable expectations can help you let go of the guilt and embrace life as it comes. Even with multiple children or not, it is amazing what a Yes Day can do for you and the kids.

good mom qualities - The Self-Care Mom

Characteristics Used To Describe A Good Mom

Every mom is unique and irreplaceable. It takes a special mom to help a child reach their full potential. 

Moms have often been compared to great leaders because their qualities are similar. Below are a handful of characteristics used to describe what it means to be a good mom. 


You can create a better atmosphere at home by simply decluttering the mess and putting everything in its place. 

Knowing where objects are in a home helps your child become independent and self-sufficient. 


If you trust that everything will turn out fine, then you can always remain calm even in the toughest situations. 

Being calm also helps you clean your mind and find the right solution to the issue(s) presented. 


Being able to face each day head-on regardless of what comes your way is definitely a characteristic of a good mom. It does not matter what you are dealing with internally, knowing that you have someone watching your every move is the greatest motivation. 

Brace yourselves, nothing is ever predictable when you’re a mom. 


Learning to adjust your schedule is part of the juggling act. At times, it might feel as though you are about to drop the ball. That is when you surprise your audience with a quick trick and keep it moving. 

Every “slip up” is an opportunity for you to show your child the importance of making things happen for those you love. 


Things will not always go according to plan. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be. 

Being a good mom means understanding that imperfection is beautiful, and mistakes are going to happen. 


Having a conversation with your child will require you to be empathetic, to understand, and possibly even feel what they are feeling. 

There is no need to have a power struggle between you and your child. Knowing that you are there to hear them out without judging is just what they need. 


Motherhood triggers you to think back to your own upbringing and solve issues from your past. 

Transitioning from child to parent means an ongoing list of responsibilities. With time you learn to push those fears aside and focus on what matters in front of you. 


A good mom is loving in the sense that she cares for their child’s needs whether it is a physical or emotional need. 

She takes time from her day to listen and offers her love and attention, through all their emotions. 

Conclusion: Good Mom Qualities To Show Daily

Caring for a child can be exhausting and you may even find yourself wanting to revert back to your youth. 

However, you were given this child for a reason. Learn to accept them for who they are rather than who you would like them to be. 

If you could see how much they idolize you, you would take a different approach to parenting them. 

If you are struggling to parent your child at the moment, then here is a piece of advice you should take away from all of this. 

Love unconditionally, and make time for these basics: time together, consistency, and guidance. 

You cannot go wrong when you focus on the above three, granted you are giving your child the basic necessities – food, shelter, and water. 

Keep in mind that raising a child goes beyond being a good mom. You need to provide your child with the environment to grow.