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Raising two kids under five years old means there’s never a dull moment in your home, and your shopping list includes on-the-go snacks that make traveling with them a breeze.

As your child continues to grow, so does their appetite. I remember having to chase our firstborn around the house to eat. Now, he walks over to the pantry to grab a snack.

Watch Them Grow
By giving your child the right nutrients, you’re helping them grow big and strong. Although it’s been tough for us to see our youngest continue to hit milestones along the way, we know that it’s all part of growing up.

Our eldest has been such a big help in caring for his baby brother, and the way he shows his love for him can be quite inspiring.

Since receiving the Mott’s Growth Chart, we’ve been tracking our little guy’s progress. He’s turning two in November and has been confused for a three-year-old for months. He’s hoping to reach his brother’s height so he can reach for things in the pantry just like his older brother.

Fruit-Flavored Everything
Fruits are a great way to give your child the right vitamins and nutrients necessary for them to grow. Aside from purchasing fruits, we also pick up snacks that already include them. One of our go-to items is Mott’s Applesauce. Our eldest recently tried their new Strawberry Kiwi flavor and loved it. What I like most about giving our boys the Mott’s Applesauce is that they offer unsweetened options. Fruits carry natural sugars called fructose, so there’s really no need for added sugar. Mott’s carries a new line of unsweetened products too, just what I like!

Packing snacks for our weekly family trips is a lot easier when we know what’s in the products. By bringing snacks on the road we not only minimize the amount of money we spend but we’re also helping our children grow to be health-conscious.

It’s convenient to throw a pouch or two into our lunchbox with our favorite drinks. Doing so also helps tame the tantrums. We don’t need to wait in line at a drive-thru nor do we have to make pit stops at a food court so the boys can grab a bite.

This year, Mott’s and Walmart want to help you track your child’s growth and ensure that all children are given the chance to grow up big and strong.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a growth chart by doing these four easy steps:

1. Buy $10 worth of Mott’s juice or sauce at Walmart
2. Register for the offer on
3. Upload receipts on now thru 9/15/2017
4. The growth chart will be mailed to your home once receipts have been verified.

No matter the occasion, Mott’s helps your kids be healthy, whether it’s school lunches, daytime snacks, or family meal time. Mott’s also has a selection of juices and other applesauce flavors available at your local Walmart.


27 responses to “Monitor Your Child’s Growth With Mott’s”

  1. This is a great review of Motts products. Thank you for the check list of how to get the ruler!

  2. My kids have always liked Mott’s applesauce. We eat a lot of it in our house.

  3. I really like Mott’s unsweetened and no sugar added products for my littles. They love the applesauce and the apple juice and I appreciate that they don’t have added sugar like many other products do. I myself really love the strawberry applesauce!

  4. Aw this is so cute! I love Motts. Well er I mean my kids love Motts…oh okay and I do too. I haven’t started a growth chart yet but I’ve been meaning to, and since we live in an apartment that we hope not to live in forever, this looks like a good, mobile idea!

  5. Love the little growth chart! It’s always so neat to see how fast kids grow. Seriously, they are like weeds LOL

  6. I didn’t know this brand before. I guess it is super emotional to come back to the growth chart and see how your kids has grown up! xx corinne

    • It really is emotional. With this growth chart, we’ve been able to monitor how fast our boys are growing. Our youngest is catching up to his older brother already.

  7. Awww, I love watching my kids grow. However, it can be a little sad too, to see how big they get.

  8. This is such a cute chart! My kids love Motts apple juice and applesauce. They are really good products for kids.

    • Mott’s is delicious! I always keep at least two pouches in our travel bag. Saves us some cash. Also, you might benefit from picking up a chart. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to do so. 🙂

  9. We love Mott’s! And I really love the growth chart measure…super cool. It will stop me from writing on the back of my son’s bedroom door. LOL

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