Spring is finally here and I know a couple of people who are very excited about it.

For us, it has been pretty warm all month. Sometimes it reaches the upper 90s. But there is more to spring than just warm weather. Spring means a new beginning for trees and plants.

Although I have never really been a fan of flowers, I love watching them bloom and seeing all the vivid colors.

For some, spring means allergy season. But to me, spring means new life. I always look forward to this season and hope for a cool summer. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get cooler days whenever it rains, but summer is always hot. You would think that because I was born in June I would love warm weather, but the truth is, I really love cool days. Whether it is raining or windy, those are one of the best days for me.

I am excited to see what this new season will bring and all the adventures life has in store. 

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