3 Home Decor Trends I Love

Jeff and I have been obsessed with home improvement shows. From HGTV to the DIY Network, there isn’t a single show we haven’t checked out. And yes, anything designed by Joanna Gaines is gold!

We love watching these home improvement shows because they inspire us to turn our house into our home. There are a couple of shows that focus on the minor details of each home, and those are the ones we love the most.

I’ve noticed there are a couple of home decor trends that really stand out to me. I’ve shared three below:

1. Open shelves concept. 
Although Jeff thinks open shelves in the kitchen makes it look messy, I think it comes in handy. I’d love to try this when we by our home. Plus, it saves us from spending on cabinets. All you really need are shelves for your dishes anyway.

2. Gray walls and white baseboards. 
I’m obsessed with how clean the walls look in that light gray, and how it makes the baseboards stand out. Which reminds me, we need to paint ours.

3. The nook. 
I doubt I’ll ever get tired of seeing a nook in a kitchen, or by the main entrance. It reminds me of a gloomy day and sipping hot cocoa while reading a book.  There’s something about nooks and books.

Stop by my Pinterest home decor board to learn more about the different styles I love, like bar sheds and patios that look like an oasis. 

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