Whether you're deciding to homeschool or not, there's no denying that you'll need a study area for the kids. These homeschool room organization tips are perfect for busy moms.
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Whether you’re deciding to homeschool or not, there’s no denying that you’ll need a homeschool setup ideas for the kids. These homeschool room organization ideas are perfect for busy moms. Here you’ll find tips on what to put in your homeschool organization cart and ways to setup for small spaces.

Create the perfect homeschool room setup with these homeschool room organization ideas.

Working from home might sound like a dream, but if you have a child that is homeschooling, you’ll notice why having a homeschool room setup makes a difference.

Setting up a place for your child to do schoolwork is key to helping them build the necessary skills to achieve success. With a variety of options available online, it’s no surprise to see many parents choosing to homeschool their children.

Although homeschooling might’ve taken us by surprise several months ago, it’s interesting to see how quickly the kids have adapted to the new scenario.

5 Homeschool Organization Ideas For Students

Your home has become more than a sanctuary for you and your family. It’s being used as an office for work, a playground for the kids, and now a school for learning.

Parents have a number of questions about creating a space for their kids to organize school supplies and such. To help you prepare for a new school year, you’ll need to budget on the essentials. Below are 5 types of items you should have for your child.

1. Create a homeschool space.

Having a small space for your child to learn is one of my top homeschool organization ideas for families. It helps kids concentrate better and feel as though they’re back in the school room.

This doesn’t need to be expensive. If anything, you already own a table and chairs — your dining table is perfect! Some have optioned to use other common areas in their home like the living room.

2. Make use of the items you have at home.

Your child’s backpack is a great place to keep their books and homeschool supplies. It’s a great way to simplify your homeschool organization and maintain the room organized.

One of the reasons I recommend using a book bag as storage is because it’s easy to access. It also makes you feel like you’re back in school. Also, it can hold art supplies that aren’t used daily in during learning sessions.

Homeschool room ideas are everywhere, but how do you create one that works for your family? This post breaks down budget-friendly homeschool organization ideas and ways to rework your homeschool room setup over time.
Simple ways on how do you homeschool a small room

3. Buy only what you will use.

Teachers (and parents) like to think it’s necessary to have your school materials right away. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to focus on the items you currently need.

For instance, school supplies such as writing materials, coloring materials/highlighters, notebooks, and loose-leaf paper are all essentials. Additional items like folders are a great addition to help keep small spaces organized.

Not sure how to organize school supplies for homeschooling? These homeschool room organization ideas might help. Bonus: homeschool decor ideas included as well.
How do you organize school supplies for homeschooling? Here are things you need to keep in mind.

4. Homeschool planning for different scenarios.

Your seating area at the living room might become a bit too much for your child or yourself. It’s important that you think of other areas in your home that could function as a homeschool space for your child.

I’ve had to rethink the homeschool room setup ideas for my oldest’s learning space because it wasn’t working the first week. I had set up a small space in his room by the window using a small table and chair.

Understanding that change in environment can be good for your child, creating a homeschool room that works for you and your family won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to focus on other ideas that can function for homeschooling as well.

Your child's room organization will come in handy this post includes a room tour of our kids' homeschool room setup along with homeschool room organization ideas, and more.
Giving your child the space they need to learn and grow is key to a successful academic year.

5. Create a learning environment for your child.

Having a homeschool room setup means more than the materials you’ve picked up along the way. It’s all about creating a space that is inviting and allows your child to focus.

Do your best to minimize the sound when your child is learning. This will help them concentrate during their lessons. Simple homeschool room ideas that can help with tuning out inevitable sounds include wearing headphones or noise-cancelling headphones.

4 Homeschool Classroom Ideas For Parents

Now that you’ve setup a space for your child to work on their homeschooling, it’s important to think about ways you can stay involved as well.

Your child will have questions throughout the day and you may not be able to sit with them during the time. Below are some things to keep in mind when homeschool planning for your kid.

1. Keep an eye on your kids while they’re learning.

One of the best ways to be present without having to be next to your child the entire time is through a baby monitor.

Having a baby monitor to keep an eye on your child is a great addition and homeschool room organization idea. This will allow you to tune in if your child has a question or needs help with something.

BONUS TIP: Don’t use one that connects to WiFi. It might cause network interruptions. This is similar to the baby monitor I use.

During the homeschool planning process, there are a number of things you'll want to keep in mind. Your homeschool room organization is important to your kid's learning success.
A quick way to keep an eye on your child while they are homeschooling is to use a monitor.

2. Add easy-access storage.

Having a devoted storing space for your child helps them understand where to find items and to store their materials as well. A bookstand with cubbies is one of my go-to homeschool room organization tips.

It helps with room organization and can make small spaces more functional.

A quick room tour of our homeschool room organization. Also, the answer to how do you organize school supplies for homeschooling.
Two weeks before school started here in South Florida,
I setup our playroom as a homeschool room. Here’s a quick room tour.

3. Plan for ways to re-engage the kids.

Your homeschooling home might feel strange at first for your child. However, it’s important that you focus on working on your own schedule as well. There will be moments when you’ll need to drop whatever you’re doing to assist your child, and that’s okay.

It’s important that you create ways to keep the kids engaged while they learn at home. Give your child fun exercises to do when they wake up by offering morning baskets.

If your child is currently e-learning with a teacher, then you’ll need to make it a point to check in from time to time. Whether you use a baby monitor or not, introducing yourself to their teacher(s) will help you get a better understanding of your child’s progress.

Thinking of ways to reward your child after each session can be helpful when your child needs an extra push. I create themes during the week to get the kids excited and they look forward to spending moments together.

You can pick up fun supplies from the dollar store to make after school enjoyable for your child.

Homeschool room organization hacks for parents with multiple kids. This post includes easy homeschool room setup ideas that are budget friendly and functional.
Homeschool organization chart to help with fostering a learning environment.

4. Keep a digital list of topics you’d like to cover.

If you’re teaching at home or helping small children while your older child does online learning, it’s a good to have an idea of the materials you’d like to cover.

Workbooks are always a fun way to entertain the little ones. You can also think of exciting topics to cover that interest them, like this human body workbook I recently picked up for the smaller kids.

Simple Homeschool Organization Hacks

Creating a list of things to do throughout the week is one of the best homeschool room organization tips I can give you.

Not only does it improve daily productivity, but it also helps with time management. You will notice things falling into place as the days go by.

However, you’ll need to make sure you have a schedule in place to help with homeschool planning and actionable items you can work on together as a family.

If you’re looking for other simple homeschool organization hacks, then I recommend focusing on everyday skills. Whether your child is assigned homework or not, you’ll want them to continue working on the skills they’ve learned that day.

Assigning a sheet or two to complete before bedtime is a good way to refresh your child’s memory. This magnetic chore chart is a good idea to keep your daily homeschool list organized and visible for your child.

Homeschool Classroom Ideas

Whether you're deciding to homeschool or not, there's no denying that you'll need a study area for the kids. These homeschool room organization tips are perfect for busy moms.
Flashcards are a great way to get the kids excited about learning. You can turn it into a game with these Learning Resources buzzers.

Let me know if you have any homeschool room organization ideas in the comments section below.

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  1. I love how you set up your space! So beautiful AND functional! And I love how you went beyond just the usual tips to include so many practical nuggets one might not think of right off the bat when gearing up to homeschool – thanks so much for sharing!

  2. My boys did virtual school in the spring, and we didn’t set up dedicated areas since it was sprung on us. They had to do two weeks of virtual school this fall before being able to go face-to-face and we set them both up with designated areas in their rooms. It helped them so much to have a place for that so they knew were everything was and had their own space.

  3. My grandson will be doing full online classes this school year because of the pandemic. I like how you have set up a great home school space in your home. That looks very conducive to learning. Your tips are also so spot on. Sharing them with my daughter.

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