I wear mommy buns, maintain a blog, enjoy long trips to the grocery store and now, I drive a minivan.

To some, owning a van is an eye-opener that they have officially become a “soccer mom,” and yes, it is only the second day and my family had already given me the title, thrown in a few jokes and all. I understand that I am slowly transforming into “your typical mom,” but if it means putting my family first, then I will take it!

Driving A “Brick”
For some people, getting a minivan is like opting for a brick — a big, heavy object you have to lug around. But not for me. I come from a family of four kids, just me and three brothers. My parents got their first minivan when I was born because it made sense to pack all of their children in a bigger car. We took trips to Florida, Georgia and visited family along the way. We went to local parks and events as a family. I remember being able to fit a huge kitchen table my mom bought, which she still has today.

My parents’ last minivan was about five years ago. I remember around the time they purchased it and learning how to drive in it. I even took my driving test in it. Could you imagine little ole me, driving a big minivan? I did not mind. I actually enjoyed the space.

Love At First Sight
They say you cannot always get what you want. Well, this is the third Honda I buy that actually does everything I ever wanted and needed it to do for my family and me. You can read all about why buying a Honda has changed my life over here.

When we got the Accord Sport, I knew it was going to be the family car. And although Jeff is more of the sports car kind of guy, I was happy to be getting another Accord, in the same color and was comfortable for us all.

From beach days to everyday trips to the park, we were able to get the most out of our sedan. And now, in our Odyssey, we are more than excited to take family trips and vacations. Comfortable and affordable, I always know what to expect when driving a Honda.

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