Livestream sessions on Twitter with Meerkat

For those of you who are not familiar with Meerkat it is an awesome app that enables you to share lifestream sessions via Twitter. If you have been following anyone over at SXSW in Texas, then you should already be familiar with it. There has been much talk about it in the last couple of days.

Twitter just announced it may be limiting the amount of time you can livestream sessions. So definitely read more about that on TechCrunch.

For this session, I promised tips for bloggers and here are a couple on how bloggers can get the most out of this livestreaming capability.

I will warn you that it only allows you to livestream vertically, as in a portrait like if you are taking a selfie. Hopefully, they will fix that in the future.

And here we go: 

Use this to showcase any upcoming products, lifestream important sessions you attend. Just like if you’re live tweeting an event (your own or someone else’s). Remember to only share thing you think your followers (and other attendees) might find valuable.

I know one guy over at SXSW is showing recaps of sessions from attendees. and their thoughts. This might be something you can do as well, if you’re looking to report on a piece. You can keep a copy of your session and upload it to your YouTube channel, which is awesome! Just remember, it’s vertical, so it will not take the entire screen.

Live sessions with your guests before your video blog series goes live. Remember: The behind the scenes feel is something that always attracts others. It feels as though you are walking them through your life. You can also schedule an interview session with someone you will be featuring on your blog to go live a day or a little before the a blog post goes live

Personal interviews as well
An open forum for you to connect with others and answer any questions your readers might have your personal life. Some followers might want to know how you handle certain situations in your life, like that time my son got Roseola. I had other mom bloggers contacting me and asking how I handled it and other fevers.

Showcase your personality
You can never go wrong with just being yourself, and that’s pretty much what everyone on social media wants to follow — someone who is honest about who they are and what they do. It goes for companies too.

Offer an open forum
Have a live Q&A session with your readers on anything their heart desires, whether it’s something you posted on your blog earlier that day or a preview of what’s to come. Teasers are always fun!

Recent Improvements To Meerkat
– Fixed crash on ‘Stream’ button due to camera and mic permissions.
– Bug fixes and stability improvements.
– New option to remove #meerkat from stream tweets.
– Watcher count accurately reflects present watchers.

So, go out there and have fun with it!

Source: BlogsRelease

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