Whether you have a table in the kitchen or a nook in your room, you have space in your home for an office. 
Just because you don’t have a designated room for you to work, doesn’t mean you don’t have the space. 
I would know. I’ve contemplated several times whether or not I should purchase a chair for the corner desk in our room. 
And by corner desk, I mean the desk that ends up holding whatever we wore that day… along with the clothes I had on the bed and was going to fold but completely forgot about them so now they’ve turned into a big, ugly mountain of wrinkled clothing items. 
But that’s not the only space I have in my home that functions as an office area.  
As a blogger, my office is anywhere and everywhere I have WiFi connection. I like to switch up where I sit and type. Doing so helps me get creative and is a great reminder of what room I need to tidy up. 
The Kitchen
If you’re a food blogger or a nutritionist who works from home, then your ideal area to work would be close to/in the kitchen. 
You can easily set up an area on your kitchen table or breakfast bar and get to work. It’s the perfect place to be for break time. 
The Bedroom
Although most people wouldn’t recommend it, you can set up a corner or a section in your room as an office. 
Having your room as your office could make things a little tough, as you may wonder to your computer at all hours of the night or even go to sleep late finishing up a project. 
This one is really up to you. 
The Dining Room
Your dining table isn’t just the place you eat. If you need a place to work quickly and quietly, your dining table is the answer. 
By working from your dining table you’re likely to leave a trail of paper everywhere, but of course you can always control that. 
The Playroom
I’ve seen several WAHMs that set up an area in their child’s playroom for them to work. It’s probably a good thing if your child is a bit needy. My son likes to play close to me most of the time and I find myself moving all my things to his playroom at least once a week. 
Are there any other spaces in your home that you turn into your personal office? 

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  1. This is fantastic! I have an office, but we live in an old house and plan on totally remodeling it. I love the idea of conserving space and going less traditional routes.

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