It may sound odd to those of you who have never lived in Florida, but it actually does get a bit chilly in the later months. I remember when we first moved almost two years ago, I would wake up freezing. Of course, Jeff would joke and suggest turning down the A/C, but it would drop to the high 50s on some mornings.

Covered head to toe — and yes, in sweats! — I would turn on the space heater we brought from our home in NJ. Who knew we’d actually use it down here. There are fall/winter nights I’ve waken up to a very chilly home and have reached out for more blankets. But what else is there to do on those chilly nights that turn into morning?

Aside from covering yourself up more than the usual — and by covering up, I mean throwing on a light sweater or a light jacket — you can always enjoy those cool days by doing any of the following:

1. Long family walks. 
Although we won’t be taking out the stroller this year, we do have a toddler who enjoys long walks. Hopefully our little guy will enjoy morning walks as well.

2. More trips to the dog park. 
My father will be here in November to help care for Sebastian while we prepare for the birth of our little guy. This also means Rocky won’t be missing his morning ritual. During the cool months, Rocky  loves more time at the dog park and takes his time when we’re out on a walk. But can you blame him?

3. Random trips to the beach.  
In the summer, we plan our trips to the beach since kids are off from school and parents take vacation time from work. Although this time around we’ll have a little guy to care for, we may be able to squeeze in evenings at the local dog beach. We used to go when we first moved, but haven’t really had the time or energy to do it.

4. More family time. 
The cool months also signify the start of football season and that means after a morning or errands or family time by the pool, it’s time to lay back by the TV and pig out on our favorite snacks. And as of late, it’s been all about wings.

5. Some alone time. 
We, as humans, always need time to refuel. Last year, I developed a love for homemade apple cider during my Sebastian’s nap time and blog post planning. I have a feeling I’ll be doing the same, except this time he’ll be in school.

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