How To Spot And Engage Millennial Moms

Getting to know the millennial momI am a proud millennial mom, but not all companies understand me.

Not all companies are aware of a millennial mom’s daily life and how to help improve her busy lifestyle. Millennial moms are easy to spot at any local grocery store, and sometimes these places fail to meet their needs. 

I know because I roll my eyes whenever cashiers place items in the shopping cart as soon as I take my son out. I do not know where in their mind it would make sense for me to hold my child or have him walk next to me while I push a heavy cart. I feel there should be more training for employees based on customer’s different lifestyles.

BabyCenter and Weber Shandwick have released studies on understanding millennial moms, and both share interesting stats on moms like me.

You know who the millennial moms are because they…

* Spend more than 8 hours interacting with media on a typical day. (BabyCenter)
* Use their mobile phone for various activities, including browsing/searching for parenting advice. (BabyCenter)
* Refuse to work for a company that bans social media. (BabyCenter)
* Look for solutions that fit their lifestyle. (BabyCenter)
* Spend almost 3 hours preparing meals on an average weekday. (BabyCenter)
* Are highly influential in purchasing decisions. (Weber Shandwick)
* Are savvy when it comes to products that protect the well-being of their families. (Weber Shandwick)
* Value life management assistance and are willing to pay someone else to manage their busy lives. (Weber Shandwick)
* Collaborate with other household members on what grocery/food or beverages to purchase. (Weber Shandwick)

Connecting With Millennial Moms
To communicate with millennial moms, it is important for brands to understand the behavior of these women, and their need to offer information to family and friends, as well as strangers.

“It is not surprising that this age group is so digitally connected, but our data demonstrates how their connectedness makes them highly influential and sought after advisors and so adept at finding and sharing information,” as mentioned in the Digital Women Influencers report. “Millennial Moms are armed with information and are inherently influential.”

The Weber Shandwick report suggests companies do these five things:
1. Recognize the potential of millennial moms as influencers;
2. Do not lump all moms into one segment;
3. Carefully walk on the line between portraying moms as homemakers vs. full-time employees;
4. Develop products — including digital ones like apps — that help make millennial moms’ lives easier; and
5. Food and beverage brands should explore millennial moms’ grocery shopping decisions on an in-depth basis.

Are you a millennial mom who wishes companies connected with you in a different way? Feel free to share you thoughts in a comment below!

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