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Setting up a space in your home for your little one to explore is critical to helping them develop an imagination. And it contains the mess (a plus in every parent’s mind!). I shared the perks to having a playarea in a recent post, and tonight I joined the Bloggin’ Mamas South Florida Chapter at IKEA of Sunrise, FL to hear tips on how parents can turn even the smallest corner in their home into the perfect playroom for their little one.

Your child does not need to have a room full of toys, all she/he needs is a tiny space to play. “Remember, you’re creating a little world for your child to explore,” said the presenter. “All you need is a little bit of space for your little one.”

During tonight’s session, the speaker discussed the importance of storage. Below are 5 key points from tonight’s session to help you create the perfect playroom:

1. Storage is key. 

Like most rooms, storage is critical to getting the most out of any given space. And because not all toys are the same, parents need to find the right storage space for the right toy.

2. Select storage that grows with your child. 
I am a big fan of purchasing items that I can use in many ways. IKEA employees advise parents to think of the many ways you can use furniture before making the purchase.

3. Add a parking space.When designing storage in the playroom, IKEA employees recommend adding a parking space for big toys.

4. Know which toys are used everyday and which ones can be placed in the garage.
With holidays around the corner, it can be tough to tell your family your child has enough toys to last him forever (or at least it seems that way!). The rule of thumb is, for every new toy, you put one away.

5. Rotate your child’s toys.Are there any toys your child has lying around or any similar toys, such as several types of balls, that you can put away? By rotating your child’s toys you are allowing them to explore different toys and there will always be a sign of excitement in your child’s face when she/he sees their favorite toy again.

One of my favorite ideas discussed during the presentation is to buy your child a toy shopping cart or a storage bin with wheels and give them the opportunity to fill it up with as many toys as possible and let them roam around the house. It is perfect for clean up, too!

Are there any tips you would like to offer other parents looking to create or revamp their child’s playroom? Comment below! 

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