Help Kids Earn Money: Ways For Kids To Make Money Fast

Help your kids earn money this summer by teaching them what hard work is all about! These summer job ideas can help with learning the value of a dollar.

There are a variety of ways to help kids earn money by doing simple, everyday tasks during their time off from school. Learn the different things kids can do to earn money throughout the year.

Teaching your child about the value of a dollar is a lot than you think. It just takes action. One of the ways we teach our kids about budgeting is through games.

Two of our favorite grocery store games are called Budgeting Yourself and Need VS Want. It’s perfect for when the kids ask for items at the store.

To help our kids earn money, we give them a task to complete tasks every two weeks. Oftentimes it’s to learn how to work together throughout the week. This also helps us as a family during the holiday season when they are away from their daily routine.

Your child doesn’t need to be school-age or a teenager to make some cash simply by completing tasks. In fact, you’re probably aware of how often they can get into the habit of asking for money or doing things that cost money.

Ways To Help Kids Earn Money

Getting into the habit of denying your child certain things can be tough, but it helps if you’re experiencing financial issues. Budgeting yourself also helps your kids understand the value of a dollar, and why it’s important to earn their own cash.

We started telling our kids to budget themselves every month after dealing with some financial issues of our own. Instead of handing your kids money for their favorite activities or to buy items, find easy ways for kids to earn money.

There are a variety of options so kids earn money online and at home. Below is a list of ideas on how kids can earn money:

1. Have them complete uncommon chores

While regular chores should be a part of daily life, things that are harder – such as cleaning the garage or cleaning out gutters are a great way to earn money as a kid.

These types of chores are typically the ones you would pay someone to do anyhow. It’s always cheaper to pay your child to help or do the work for you, why not give them the money?

The harder chores can be handed off to the older kids. However, that doesn’t mean the younger should not be given the chance to earn.

There are uncommon chores for kids to complete as well, such as watering plants and preparing food for your pet. You can always assist the younger ones until they’re comfortable with doing tasks on their own.

2. Ask around and offer to babysit

Whether your child is looking to babysit a younger sibling or someone else’s child, they will get a better understanding of what it means to have patience. Also, it will be a paid opportunity for them.

With time, your child can offer their services to others and ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone would be interested in having them help watch their children.

In the meantime, get your child to complete Red Cross Babysitting classes, as well as first aid and CPR classes. This can help with the qualifications for caring for someone else’s child.

3. Help clean someone’s front yard

Do you remember cutting someone’s grass during the summer months? These same methods can help your kids earn money the same way!

Aside from cutting the grass, shoveling snow is another of the ways kids can earn money for helping around their community.

The best part is that even a younger school-age child of 8 or 9 can help with cleaning up the yard as well. This is a great way for kids can make money with friends.

4. Become a Personal Shopper

If your child has their own vehicle, then they can make money working as a personal shopper for busy locals. This is a great way to make use of those grocery pick-up mobile apps.

Make certain they are fully insured – which they should be already – but also that they come up with pricing that will cover the cost of fuel and their time.

Work with your child on their hours so that it fits both their daily schedule and other commitments they may already have at home.

5. Wash cars

Doing a quick car wash for your family and friends is a simple option to get cash. Kids can create their own price list and promote their services to locals as well.

You’ll need to invest in materials before you can actually get started, but it’s best to plan ahead with the types of services they’ll be providing.

6. Sell unwanted items online

Companies like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace have changed how kids make money online. Aside from personal items, kids can sell high-priced products from family and friends.

It’s amazing how much people have lying around in their homes and have no use for them. Kids can ask around and see if there are items that could be re-homed until there’s a sale.

7. Dogwalking services

Quick ways kids can make money online include offering services. As mentioned before, doing uncommon chores, helping someone care for their front yard, and babysitting are all great services you can provide.

However, walking your neighbor’s pup is a win-win situation. Your child gets exercise and the pup gets time outdoors.

Other options so kids earn money are to offer dog sitting and dog washing services.

What jobs help your kids earn money in the summer?

Help your kids earn money this summer by teaching them what hard work is all about! 
These summer job ideas can help with learning the value of a dollar.


  1. I think these are all excellent suggestions. They’re easy for the kids to do, and they build a lot of character because many of them involve helping others.

  2. My boys are a little young for most of these things, but they have chores that they do around the house that they get paid for. During the summer, I give them a few more chores to earn allowance since they have more time.

  3. These are great ways for a child to earn an extra yet honest income. Another great thing would be dog walking or dog sitting. Pet sitting is a great way to make money also. And of course the traditional lemonade stand is one that sells great too. Great blog post.

  4. These are some great suggestions. I like the idea of having them do uncommon chores.

  5. It’s a wonderful article for kids as well as parents. I really like the ways that you have shared. Yes we all should encourage our kids to earn money. The sooner you take the first step, the sooner you can start making money as a kid. But remember not to spend everything you earn.

  6. Hhhhmmm….I love these ideas! I think I will start with the uncommon chores.

  7. Very useful tips! It’s a great idea to combine training your kids to earn some extra pocket money, while being helpful to others. Personal budgeting is of vital importance.

  8. really nice tips and important things in our life, but I guess children should have a time to enjoy their childhood, no work just relax.

  9. These are great tips. If you live in a condo or apartment community with older adults, you can have your child offer to take their garbage to the dumpster for a certain amount per bag. Our kids also walk neighbors pets.

  10. I love these awesome ideas! Great ways to teach kids a valuable lesson too.

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