Simple Ways To Make Kids House Chores Fun

You can teach your child responsibility at an early age. Kids house chores are a great way to get help around the house. Learn how to add daily chores for kids and how to create a kids’ chore chart.

A child’s job is to play, but you also want to teach them the importance of responsibility during the early years. By allowing your child to lend a hand with daily house chores, you’re helping them become independent.

Years before I became a mom I told family and friends how I wanted to teach my child how to be responsible for their things, including their mess.

I joked around saying my child was going to have a rag under their knees when they start crawling. Although I didn’t do this, I did let our firstborn use a rag when he was under one to wipe the walls.

Our oldest loved watching me clean when he was a baby and would grab his washcloth after a bath to clean the house.

It was cute watching him do that, but it also made me think of how important it was to teach my child how to clean up.

If you only wait until your child takes a nap to clean, your child might not be able to grasp the importance of cleaning up and house chores.

Be sure to set an example of what it means to clean your home. Picking up after themselves is one of the easiest daily chores for kids.

There are many reasons why you’d want your child doing household chores.

You can teach your child responsibility at an early age. Kids house chores are a great way to get help around the house. Learn how to add daily chores for kids and how to create a kids' chore chart.

Ways To Get Your Children Doing Chores

The kids love to watch us cook. Sometimes they’ll grab their play kitchen pots and pans and make their own dishes.

I love getting the kids to help around the house, not just in the kitchen. It all started when they were attached to my hip as babies.

I could not find anything that would keep then down, so I’d have them come with me to the kitchen and prepare meals.

Although I don’t recommend cooking with a child on your hip, I can share three other ways I’ve been able to introduce house chores to the kids:

Put your child next to you while you do chores.

The kids would follow me everywhere, so it was no surprise when I needed to finish house chores that I’d find little feet next to me. Making the most out of the time with your kids is important.

Whether you’re folding clothes or cooking dinner for your family, it’s important to get your child involved.

Give them something to entertain themselves.

By simply letting your child watch, touch, and feel the materials you’re using can help them understand what is going on.

If you’re in the kitchen, then this is the best time to surround your child with pots and pans. You can hand them a spoon to create music.

Folding clothes might seem like a struggle at first as kids house chores. You can hand them items they can pretend to fold or sort on their own.

The goal is to create ways you can involve your child with daily chores.

Create an incentive for them to complete tasks.

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a child get excited about helping others (and themselves). By throwing an incentive into the mix, you’re giving your child options.

Most of the time I tell the kids if they finish their meals and clean up after themselves they’ll be able to pick something for the family to watch together.

Other incentives for kids to clean that are fun is getting them paid for their hard work.

It’s a great way for the kids to earn money and help with the mess. After all, you know who makes 85% of it.

The rest is just the laundry I haven’t folded.

Household Chores List Of Ideas For Kids

Your child loves to be involved in everything that you do. It’s in their curious nature to want to know why and how you do something.

Help them explore the world around them by getting them involved with everyday tasks. Below are four ways your child can help with daily chores:

1. Cooking, +1 

Set up a play area in the kitchen for your child. You can buy an inexpensive pretend kitchen, the pots and pans you will not be used to make your meal is enough. If your child is of age, have him/her child test the food

2. Cleaning around the house

As I mentioned earlier, it is important for your child to see you cleaning your home. By watching you clean, they will know what to do.

The more they see you do it, the better.

You can hand your child a paper towel and show them what to do with it. You can also teach them how to pick up and put away their toys before bed.

3. Pick up and sort the laundry

Sometimes I find it difficult to wash clothes when the kids are sleeping. Having to enter and exit the garage can be noisy.

I do most of my laundry while the kids are awake. This allows me to have an extra set of hands as well.

The kids enjoy loading up the washer and dryer, and there are times when they help with bringing the clothes to their room.

One of the best ways to have your kids help with laundry is by allowing them to sort it. When they separate the colors, they’re learning a valuable lesson.

That you can’t wash everything together. Also, you want to check the pockets, too.

Don’t be afraid to call your child over when you are putting in a load. This will help take the load off your shoulders.

4. Feed The Furry Ones

The kids started giving the pups treats at night before bed. Eventually, the kids began to take on more responsibilities with the pups.

From feeding time to walking your pet, these are a great help and addition to kids’ house chores.

By showing your child the importance of caring for your pet, you aren’t only teaching them responsibility but also showing them how to show compassion.

31 Family House Chores To Add This Month

Giving your child chores during the week can be exciting. Just imagine crossing off things on your To-Do list by delegating them to someone else.

More importantly, knowing that the person who is doing these chores will be learning in the process as well.

Family house chores can be a fun way to connect and learn a new hobby.

Whether it’s cleaning the car or tidying up the kids’ bedrooms, you can take the time to plan exciting projects together.

Here’s a list of ideas for daily housework chores to schedule during the week.

1. Do the dishes
2. Clean your room
3. Tidy the garage
4. Walk the dog
5. Bathe the dog
6. Feed the dog
7. Vacuum the first floor
8. Vacuum the second floor
9. Take out the trash
10. Sort the recycling
11. Bring in the trash cans
12. Sort the laundry
13. Load the washer
14. Load the dryer
15. Fold the laundry
16. Place laundry in drawers
17. Organize the drawers
18. Load the dishwasher
19. Dry the dishes
20. Put the dishes away
21. Replace toilet paper in bathrooms
22. Dust the first floor
23. Dust the second floor
24. Write the shopping list
25. Sweep the front porch
26. Sweep the patio
27. Cut the grass
28. Rake the leaves/shovel the snow
29. Water the grass/plants
30. Set the table
31. Clean the table

You can teach your child responsibility at an early age. Kids house chores are a great way to get help around the house. Learn how to add daily chores for kids and how to create a kids' chore chart.

How To Assign Weekly Kids House Chores

One of the things to keep in mind when assigning house chores to kids is thinking of age-appropriate chores they can do. This helps your child understand the task and be able to complete it as well.

When you’re starting out, you want to assign your child simple tasks to get the kids doing chores.

Simple tasks can include any of the ones mentioned in the above section. You can begin with one task a day during the month.

These kids house chores can be exciting when you’re starting out. Keep the tasks interesting for your child by increasing incentives along the way.

To help you get organized, I recommend picking up one (or both) of these for you and your family to keep track of the housework.

The whiteboard chore chart is perfect to designate chores throughout the week. You can keep it on your fridge to easily track your child’s progress.

I love the white board monthly calendar because if helps you space tasks during the month. It’s helped me plan activities for our family and tasks that need to be crossed off the To-Do list.

You can check out both below to see which one fits your family’s needs:

You can teach your child responsibility at an early age. Kids house chores are a great way to get help around the house. Learn how to add daily chores for kids and how to create a kids' chore chart.

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