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Dedicating time to your little one is important when you’re thinking of ways to break up your day. For us, it’s all about family activities that keep the kids busy and happy.

One of the things we’ve always enjoyed as a family is playing with LEGO pieces. We recently shared some thoughts on a company that recycles LEGO bricks and reuses them in their subscription boxes. How cool is that?

Throughout the years, we’ve collected a variety of LEGO pieces. Several have come from sets, while a good number of them were retrieved from our collaboration with Booster Bricks.

Despite how we got our hands on these LEGO pieces, there’s one thing that is always the same — our excitement in creating something as a family.

Introducing Your Child To LEGO

From houses to superhero headquarters, we’ve managed to make the most out of the small bricks we’ve collected over the years. Our daughter enjoys the LEGO DUPLO pieces just as much as our boys did when they were younger.

Introducing our kids to LEGO has been a great way to connect with them without the use of technology devices or having any other distractions. Our kids’ just focus on using their imagination.

Whenever parents ask how I manage to make time for all three kids, I tell them my secret is dedicating an activity that works for each of them. If it’s painting, we paint together. If we’re building something, we build it together. Teamwork is what keeps us going.

One of our first LEGO DUPLO sets included Batman and the Joker.

LEGO DUPLO sets are a great way to introduce your baby to the LEGO brand. These LEGO bricks will help your little one hit their developmental milestones.

Made for ages 1 1/2 to 5 years old, LEGO DUPLO sets are a great way to help improve your child’s fine motor skill such as eye-hand coordination. These building blocks are perfect for getting your child to recognize different colors and shapes.

We’ve also used our LEGO DUPLO sets for learning our numbers and for counting purposes as well.

Re-enacting things your child hears or sees is another way you can make use of LEGO DUPLO pieces. Doing so will also improve your child’s language skills.

There’s More To Learning With LEGO

Not only are parents using LEGO pieces to learn through play, but it’s a wonderful bonding experience. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits to using LEGO bricks with your kids.

You can pick up a box today and plan for some family fun this weekend or summer — you choose!

19 responses to “Building A Love For LEGO”

  1. We love LEGO too! It is definitely a staple – and we have had great success with the Duplo pieces as well. Too much fun!

  2. I have always found Lego to be fantasy, fun and a great way to spend time as a parent / child together!

  3. LEGO is one of the best things any kid can play with. It stimulates sooo many different parts of their brains. Plus, they’re super fun.

  4. As with any toys, you build a connection with you kids over toys as you want to get to know better. I did it with my sister when she was in My Little Pony and Webkinz.

  5. When I was a teacher, I used to be able to bribe my kids into doing their work in exchange for time in the Lego area! I think I created a generation of Lego lovers in my town! 🙂

  6. My grandson loves his Legos. I am happy when I watch him play because he comes up with so many “creations.” But his favorite though are trains. He makes trains and trains and more trains out of his lego bricks.

  7. Lego sure is a very practical way of developing children’s skills by means of playing. I’m sure that future abilities are developed by the creativity learned in the childhood years by playing with Lego.

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