Lessons From A Cracked iPhone Screen

lessons from a cracked iphone screen

I thought I would be upset, but I actually smiled a lot more.

Getting out of the car one morning, I told myself I should place my phone inside the jogger compartment with my keys. Something told me it would be safer there during our walk through Vista View Park. I wish I had listened to myself, or do I?

After taking a photo of the boys during our walk, I dropped my phone and it hit the gravel. We were on the side of the road and I wanted to move over to let the car behind us pass. Rocky pulled me one way and smack, my iPhone landed face down. I picked up my phone and saw the screen had cracked into pieces. I told Jeff, he suggested we fix it as soon as possible. Oddly enough, I really did not care whether or not the screen was fixed. And part of me really likes this “freedom”. Those that know me know how glued I am to my phone, and when it comes to emails, I like to stay on top of them — well, unless it is a sale or a subscription to TechCrunch, mediabistro, etc. Those get a little too much, and I have about 13,000 unread emails I have accumulated throughout the years.

Through The Cracks
Since dropping my phone, I now have to log on to my computer to read and respond to emails — at least it is a lot easier to do so with my computer instead of trying to read through the cracks. And I honestly do not mind it. I feel as though I am breathing again, and I can tell the boys are enjoying this mini-vacation, too.

My phone used to be next to me at all times. Now, it is around. 

Sebastian loves playing with my phone, but ever since the screen cracked, we keep it away from him. He has his own phone (my old iPhone 4s — disconnected, of course!) and he loves to play his games on it, but he leaves it laying around that it eventually dies.

Everything does happen for a reason, and I do not think I would be able to really enjoy the little moments as much as I do now. I am even thinking of taking a break from my blog just to focus on a local project that I can work on during my spare time, or re-work my schedule to fit everything. Either or, I will eventually figure it out.*crosses fingers* After all, I am “…exploring motherhood” 😉

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

2 responses to “Lessons From A Cracked iPhone Screen”

  1. The screen on mine cracked on Monday this week. I can't use it for anything but talking to my husband so it works fine still. He already ordered me a new one anyway. I know I need it but I too like not picking it up all the time.


  2. Haha! I usually keep my phone arms length and don't always answer. Glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

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