Thinking back at 2015, I cannot believe how fast the time has passed. It has been a wonderful year for us, filled with lots of ups and downs. 
Our roller coaster may or may not be coming to an end, but right now we’re enjoying the ride. With every day that passes, we learn more about ourselves. Our strengths and our weaknesses have been tested several times during 2015. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
This year, I had to sit down a couple of times and just ask myself questions. These questions were often deep, and would often generate a certain response within me. 
Sadness, confusion and fear of what’s to come were the feelings that ran through my mind. It didn’t help that I became pregnant with our second child early this year. All the hormones running through my body and all I could think of was “Did we really agree to adding another family member?” 
Getting Through The Sadness
The new year falls behind Thanksgiving and Christmas, two holidays I loved so dearly when I lived up North. 
Although the winter season gives me the blues, I’ve felt it even more here in South Florida because I don’t have my family. This year, we have my father with us. And even though it’s not everyone, it’s someone I hold dear to my heart. I get to show him what daily life is like for us here, and we share our thoughts on the people, places and things we come across. 
Overcoming All Confusing Thoughts
When Jeff and I moved to South Florida two years ago, I was so confused on whether we made the right decision. We fought so much during the first six months that we almost didn’t even know where our relationship would go if we hadn’t pulled ourselves together. Mainly me. 
Talking to each other really helped improve our relationship, and it turned out we were both confused on the decision we made to leave NJ and start fresh in FL. We left everything and everyone behind, but we built our own lives together. This caused our relationship to blossom, and I’m forever thankful for it all. 
Dealing With Fear Of The Unknown
Agreeing to something you know nothing about, such as moving to a different state without really knowing anyone, can sound crazy. And crazy is just what it was. 
When we finally started to settle in and feel like this change was actually working for us, a year had gone by. To make things more interesting, we decided to grow our family. 
During the entire pregnancy, I questioned what life would be like with two kids. We hadn’t planned for Sebastian’s arrival and we were doing such a great job. Now, we were adding baby number two. 
I had sworn off having another child when Sebastian was born. Not only because of my birth experience, but because I didn’t think I could love another child as much as I love my son. But I was wrong. 
When I met Christian, my heart made space for him. And funny enough, Jeff told me he also thought we were crazy for adding another child and wondered if we could do it. 
Apparently, we could.

Despite all the setbacks life has to offer, I hope your 2015 was just as adventurous and that found peace. 

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