My first three cars have been Honda Accords, and since the birth of my son, I knew I’d be moving on to a minivan to make life easier. And that’s exactly what Jeff and I did when we decided we’d like to try for a second child.

I’ve written why I love Honda cars and my experience with them in previous posts, but this time I’m sharing how my Honda Odyssey has made a difference in our lives.
More Long Trips
Convincing Jeff that we needed a minivan was almost like pulling teeth. He was set on an SUV from another brand. Although it was nice, I reassured him that it’d be a good idea to have if it were just him and Rocky.
After we decided to try for a second child, we knew we didn’t more space and comfort was top of mind for us as well. My vote for a minivan was based on my childhood. My parents had four children and we rode in a minivan since the year I was born. We had enough space for all of us and it was comfortable knowing we could lay down if we were tired.
Today, Jeff and I have driven our Honda Odyssey to North NJ from our home in South Florida and back again. And we’re even planning to do it again next year. We’ve even taken local trips to dog beaches and parks, and drove to Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach (all in a weekend) to spend time with family. Some family and friends think we’re nuts for driving so far, but honestly, when you take long trips in a Honda Odyssey you feel less exhausted and you can easily pull back one of the captain chairs for a nap.
Exploring South Florida
Since purchasing the Honda Odyssey, we’ve been planning trips to explore beaches and local parks as a family. Our boys love it!
We’ve fallen in love with one of the dog beaches and have made it a habit of taking the hour drive at least once a month to bathe in the waters of Juno Dog Beach. You can read all about a recent visit in a previous post.
Aside from a beautiful dog beach, there’s a great restaurant we grab lunch with our pup. It’s called Tabica Grill. You can also check out my thoughts on this place over here.
We’ve even explored Miami Beach. It was my first time there, and part of me wasn’t too pleased. You can read all about our experience at South Pointe Park in this post.
There’s so much we have yet to see and we’re so excited for our next trip. Who knows, it might be tomorrow afternoon 😉


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