Toddler messes don’t stand a chance.

Feeding time is always interesting at our home. Not only because it is when we really get to unplug and discuss our day or plan things as a family, but lately we have been able to keep Sebastian’s messes under control. Earlier this month I received the opportunity to try the Crypton Fabric placemats. I shared the news in a recent post. You can get more details and join the #LifeOnCrypton Placemat Experience over here.

The placemats arrived just in time for dinner and I was so excited to try them with my son. I needed to replace the ones we had been using. The previous ones we bought were slowly fading and we decided to keep them for outdoor meals.

Dining With A Messy Toddler
Dinner time is always interesting, and our first time using the Crypton Fabric placemats meant I would have less to scrub at night. I wiped them down using a sponge with soap and water and it looked as good as new.

There are more perks to using the Crypton Fabric placemats, including how versatile they are. Simply turning them around gives the dining table a different, more modern look.

With time, I realized you can take off the Crypton sticker on the back, which I did for easy cleaning.

Our dining table now looks complete with the Crypton Fabric placemats. 

Disclaimer: I received the Crypton Fabric placemats to help promote the #LifeOnCrypton experience.  I was only asked to share a video on social media, but I really liked the product and decided to share my thoughts with readers. You can watch the video I shared on Vine here

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