Each day is a new shot at life.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in South Florida and although I wish Jeff was home with us, I am excited that today is a short day and he will be home tomorrow.

Some might find it weird that I genuinely enjoy Mondays. The start of a new week always gets me excited. When we planned our mini-getaway to the Keys, all I could think of was how awesome those 48 hours out as a family would be. Little did I know how many memories we would be taking back with us. I shared my thoughts on our trip in a recent post. Feel free to check that out over here.

Making The Best Out Of Each Day
This past weekend was a bit chilly and the boys and I decided to stay in. The good news is, Jeff decided to keep the space heaters from our home back in NJ and we used them to keep us warm over the weekend.

It is funny to think how I was born and raised in NJ and now anything below 70 degrees in the morning or at night gives me the chills.

Although there are many perks to living in South Florida, I do miss having Jeff home on Sundays. We still have family nights when we eat dinner together and catch up on shows. It has slowly become our routine. Sometimes we switch it up by taking a family walk on the evenings around our community or at a local park. We may have less time together on the weekends, but whenever we get a couple of minutes together, we make the best of it. Someone once told me it is not about the quantity of time, it is about the quality of time you spend with those you love. I could not agree more.

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