Love fuels my everyday. 
I’ve been asked several times how I am able to survive a busy day without coffee and the answer is pretty simple. Love drives me
The truth is, I used to drink coffee as a kid because I was curious as to why my parents and family friends were so caught up on this hot beverage. But I never really enjoyed it.
The Wake-Up Call
For some, just getting out of bed requires a cup of Joe, while others need the aroma of a fresh batch to trigger their senses. 
Personally, I rather use my alarm and a cold shower. 
Jeff likes a cup of coffee before getting up in the morning, and I don’t mind bringing it to him. It’s just when I’m running late that doing so is a bit of an extra step. 
One thing I’ve noticed with our morning routine is, if I wake up late everyone else is late. So every day, I try to make sure everyone is up and ready in a timely matter. 
But I could do without the tantrums from my two-year-old son. 

Do you need coffee to function in the morning? 

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