Makello's Nails Review

Makello's Nails Review

It has been six days since I applied the Makello’s Nails Matte Noir set and they are as strong as the first day.

Not many people know this about me but I am obsessed with fake nails. I have always loved them since I was about six or seven years old. I remember my aunt bringing them home from work for me to play. At that time, it was just the two-sided tape holding them in place and it would always fall off. Over the years I began to use regular tape, and wrapped it around my finger to keep them from falling off. When I was “of age,” I began purchasing the nail sets that came with glue. Broadway Nails were my favorite! They came with the cutest designs. I would paint my nails, file them down every now and then, and when I started working, I would make my way to the nail salon every two weeks just to feed my addiction. It was the only way I could keep myself from biting them.

But all that came to an end. 

I gave up fake nails and started growing my own, painting them — giving them all the love and care at home. They were beautiful! 

During my pregnancy, I had a hard time letting them grow. One minute they were very strong and then the next they were brittle. Often times I had to trim them low. I tried everything to bring them back to life, and it worked, until I gave birth.

Keeping up with my nails after the birth of my son is tough. Sometimes I can sneak five minutes to do my nails during his nap, but that is usually when I get to do other things around the house so doing my nails is the last thing on my mind. Luckily, I spotted an Instagram post from local shop, Starcrush Boutique.

I was able to head out the next day to pick a pack up and try these babies for myself.

The box promises up to 10 days, and here I am on day six. They are still looking as perfect as the first day!
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