Me, cooking in the kitchen? Yup, and so can you! 
Stop making excuses as to why you don’t know how to cook but would like to learn. There are several recipes online, and your family’s traditional ones as well. So, get in the kitchen and try something new!

There are two slices — sometimes four – from your loaf of bread that you and/or your loved ones refuse to eat. You do not have to throw it out. There is a very special dish I like to make with it. It is called chicken parmigiana.
What you need:
Whole wheat bread slices (8-10)
Chicken breast (2-4)
Cheese grater
Eggs (2)
Your choice of seasoning (I like to use Kirkland’s No-Salt Seasoning from Costco)
Garlic powder
Minced/diced onions
Bowls (3) — one for the chicken, another for the bread crumbs, and a third for the seasoning
Baking sheet
Cooking Oil Spray

What to do: 
Bowl 1:
Using your hands, cut up each slice of bread into four pieces.
Use the cheese grater to turn the bread into crumbs.

Bowl 2: 
Break the two eggs in a bowl.
Beat the eggs using a fork/whisk until they have completely dissolved into liquid.
Add your choice of seasoning, the garlic powder and minced/diced onions.
Stir the mix.

Bowl 3: 
Have the chicken breasts ready for dipping and breading. Make sure the chicken is not frozen.

Dip a chicken breast on to the egg and seasoning mix until fully drenched.
Next, dip it into the bread crumbs. You may want to use your hands to manually place bread crumbs on the chicken until it is completely covered with bread crumbs.

Repeat with other chicken breasts.

Spray the cooking oil on the baking sheet.
Place each chicken breast at least an inch or two apart on the baking sheet.
Set the over at 350 degrees. Timer for 20-25 minutes, but keep an eye on the chicken. After 10 minutes, cut the chicken breasts in half to make sure it cooks thoroughly.

Once the timer is up, you’re in for a treat!
This chicken parmigiana tastes great with a side of pasta and red sauce, but it can also be served as a sandwich. The choice is yours. 😉 

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