Have you been wondering what to get your family and friends this Mother’s Day? Maybe you don’t know what to get mom who has everything and you need unique gift ideas to surprise her. This post shares meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Mother's Day jewelry options from Etsy and other meaningful Mother's Day gifts to choose from

Finding a thoughtful gift for someone you love can be tough when you’re pressed for time. Thinking about their lifestyle comes in handy when searching for the right present. 

What Are Some Thoughtful Gifts For Mother’s Day?  

Sometimes it’s not the gift that has you startled but the actual message you’d like to give someone you love. These simple, yet meaningful Mother’s Day gifts can help you say what you feel. 

Based on the person’s lifestyle, you can opt for a Mother’s Day basket of items she’ll use. Basket ideas and unique gifts for mom that will come in handy are: 

  • Gardening tools with pots, and seeds
  • Skincare products with face and hand towels
  • Baking essentials, fruits or jams, and a jar with ingredients
  • Cookware with kitchen towels and a treat to eat
  • Beach must-haves including sunblock, a good book, and cute cover-up
  • Family fun ideas such as water balloons, gift cards to local arcades and restaurants
  • At-home date night with popcorn bags, a warm blanket, and more
  • Mom’s Night Out starter kit with bottles of wine, crackers, and other yummy treats
  • Mom’s Guide To Survival with funny ways to survive kids’ tantrums and products that help
  • Family movie night with candy and different treats to enjoy together
  • Ice cream social that includes cute bowls, toppings, and grocery store gift cards for ice cream 
  • Morning coffee must-haves including a mug, coffee flavors, and a good read/gratitude journal
  • A jewelry box with a gift card to her favorite store and some accessories
  • Bathroom essentials with a wearable aromatherapy candle, body scrubs, and foaming bath soak
  • Family game night with classic board games and thought-provoking card games

Gardening Tools

Getting your backyard ready for the new season is always a good feeling. It’s a reminder of what love and attention can do — help you in your growth. 

Using a simple gardening pot as a base for your Mother’s Day basket is the best way to plant other items in. You can opt for gardening gloves and tools as well as seeds and a gift card to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

Need Mother's Day basket ideas? Maybe meaningful gift ideas? Use a pot to hold Mother's Day gardening gifts.
Mother’s Day gift baskets everyone can enjoy together.

Skincare Products 

Skincare products are great Mother’s Day gifts because they are easy to position inside of towels. Using the hand and face towels as the base for your basket, you can include a variety of options like a body scrub or a handful of face masks.

Baking Essentials

Creating sweet treats with the family is one of the kids’ favorite pastimes. If someone you love enjoys baking with their kids, then a meaningful Mother’s Day gift would be cookie sheet pans and delicious ingredients for a sweet surprise. 

You can throw in my famous three-ingredient peanut butter cookies recipe and bake a batch for them to enjoy together.


A basket made with love to help create lovely dishes — that’s what you get when you gift someone who loves the kitchen some new cookware. The best ones are made from bamboo because these types won’t ruin pots and pans.

Beach Must-Haves 

Grab a bathing suit coverup or comfortable flip flops and put them into a beach bag for a special mom in your life. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness in creating a summer fun beach bag for her and the family to enjoy. 

Bonus: Throw in a good read for her to enjoy during downtime in the summer months.

Family Fun Ideas

From the beach to lounging around the house, this summer’s going to be an interesting season. Make it a memorable one for the kids with fun mom ideas you can enjoy together. 

You can use a bucket cooler to hold ZURU water balloons and gift cards to local arcades and restaurants. 

At-Home Date Nights

Grab a good throw blanket, roll it up with a good wine, and some treats for an at-home date night experience for a friend. It’s perfect for stressed couples who need to make time for each other. 

A simple box can function as a “basket” and creates a wonderful experience for those who receive this treat. 

Mom’s Night Out

Planning a night out for moms is like getting ready for an adventure. If you’re a mom who doesn’t get out much and have a handful of mom friends who need a mini escape, then I highly recommend this. 

You don’t need to plan a Mom’s Night Out on Mother’s Day, it can be later on in the month or year. The important thing here is to plan your escape, and execute it. 

There’s nothing more rewarding than time with close friends, so start thinking of ways to get the crew together with a bottle of wine, some treats, and lots of laughs. 

Mom’s Guide To Survival 

This kit should include all the mom essentials and more! You never know what you’ll need when one of the kids throws a tantrum, so you’re better off throwing in some extra items for mom. 

A quick survival guide to caring for kids with lots of laughs. You can even make a funny coupon book filled with popular parenting memes to keep her entertained during the tough moments with these meaningful Mother’s Day gifts.

Family Movie Night

Throw some popcorn bags, candy you’ll find at the theaters for double the price, and a variety of movie options from your favorite app subscription and you’re ready to roll.

You can get creative by using a reusable popcorn bucket to hold your Mother’s Day basket treats.

Ice Cream Social

Make it a chill night with your favorite cold treats. From homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches to simple fudge sundaes, there’s nothing you can’t do with scoops of your favorite ice cream. 

Add toppings that everyone loves and a gift card or two to a favorite grocery store to pick up the cool treats, and you’re all set. 

Bonus: Pick out delicious natural flavors from Jeni’s Ice Cream and have it delivered to your home. 

Morning Coffee Must-Haves

Maybe she’s a coffee lover and knows just how to enjoy a moment to herself in the morning. Create a meaningful Mother’s Day gift that will help her prepare for another day. 

Adding a cute mug, a handful of coffee flavors, and a gratitude journal is just what every coffee-loving mama needs to kick off her day. 

You can always throw in gift cards to coffee shops she loves. 

Jewelry And Accessories 

Getting dressed in the morning requires having options. If you’ve heard a friend say they don’t have anything to wear, then maybe it’s time they learn the value in accessories. 

Grab a simple jewelry box and throw in some accessories as well as a Target gift card and let her go crazy. This is a great opportunity for a girls’ trip — just saying. 

Bonus: You can turn this into a Mother’s Day craft idea by grabbing an unfinished jewelry box from Target and letting the kids (or yourself) paint it for a loved one.

Bathroom Essentials

Help a mom spruce up her bathroom and turn it into a personal oasis for her to enjoy. Yes, a good set to towels makes a difference, but there’s more to it. 

You can help her set the tone every night as she winds down after a long day. Simply throw in a wearable aromatherapy candle, a rejuvenating body scrub, and a foaming bath soak

She’ll not only want to use it all at the same time, but she might even ask where she can get it herself. 

Family Game Night

One of the best and most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts you can give someone is to create nostalgic moments with loved ones through classic board games like Monopoly and Parcheesi. There’s nothing like some good, clean competition to get the kids excited for family time. 

If you’re not sure how to introduce a Family Game Night, you can always start with a thought-provoking card game to break the ice.

Thinking of meaningful Mother's Day gifts to send loved ones? These online deals are worth looking into.
Simple gardening hack for you to try at home.

Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts 

With a variety of spring crafts available online, I wanted to get the kids excited about something different. It’s been years since I’ve worked on the family garden. 

Most of the load has been on my husband’s shoulder since I stepped down from growing herbs. Although there are plantains, oranges, and mangoes growing in the yard, I haven’t been tending to them as before. 

I recently planted a lemon tree from our cloves and lemon combination, but that’s about it. 

This Mother’s Day, the kids and I will be redoing the family herbs garden. I miss cooking with rosemary and fresh cilantro. 

Target has the option of purchasing four organic herb garden pots that contain cilantro, rosemary, basil, and oregano. Each kid will attend to one and I’ll care for the fourth. This will be part of my meaningful Mother’s Day gifts to myself this year.

It’s nice to have multiple children because it means having more hands to help. 

Gardening options make great last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from Target that not many people are thinking about. This helps you plan ahead and create something the family can enjoy together. 

Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day with or without mom this year, working on the patio during the spring is the perfect gift that will give loved ones a personalized experience. 

Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandmothers 

Thinking of what older moms want for Mother’s Day can be tricky. However, you know your family best. 

Whether your grandmother or kid’s grandmother is active or not, you can bet they appreciate comfort — one of the best meaningful Mother’s Day gifts. Make a mental note of the things she loves to do, and think of items that can help simplify these activities for her. 

For instance, if she enjoys trips to the beach, then a comfortable pair of sandals will do the trick. Other gift ideas for mom include a good rain coat will come in handy.
Although jewelry for Mother’s Day might not always be an affordable option, there are lovely pieces from Etsy: 

Other non-jewelry gifts grandmother’s love are personalized tote bags they can carry to the store or on the go. A recipe binder that will contain her secret treats to pass down to generations. 

Amazon Deals: Gift Ideas For Moms

If you’re looking to snag the best deals on meaningful Mother’s Day gifts, then Amazon is your pick. Right now, Amazon is hosting an event on deals on gifts for moms

You might’ve seen a variety of options this month when you logged in. However, there’s an entire page dedicated to May 9th’s festivities. From haircare products to home organization, these deals include must-have items you didn’t know were on sale. 

Bonus: There’s other early access deals for Prime members as well. 

So grab that bamboo cheese board you’ve been eyeing and Moscow mule copper mugs gift set for entertaining this summer. You know you want to spoil yourself a bit, and you deserve it. 

Can you think of any other meaningful Mother’s Day gifts you’d like to add?

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