Creating a minimalist lifestyle with kids sounds nearly impossible – unless you give it a try. Some of the things you have lying in your home aren’t necessary. Here’s how you can introduce minimalism with a family. 

Living a minimalist lifestyle with kids and how to decrease the amount of clutter in your home.
Tips on minimalism with a family.

Searching for your child’s favorite toy in what seems like thousands of other items can be exhausting. Nothing prepares you for the meltdowns, even if you’ve experienced others throughout the week.

At this moment, you begin thinking about the number of toys your kid has collected over the years. Aside from toys, there’s the laundry basket that seems to continuously pile up. 

This is when you take the initiative to donate clothes that no longer fit your child and/or they refuse to wear. This often happens when you get clothes from other people.

Can You Be A Minimalist With Children?

One of the simple ways to keep your home tidy is by having less stuff. By removing the unnecessary items from your home, you’re making room for the things you love. 

From minimalist playroom organization ideas to easy home decor ideas, you can get the most out of the time you spend tidying up your living space with kids at home. 

Although it might not be easy at first, you’ll need to break down your reasons for needing to cut back on buying toys, etc. 

One of your whys can be no more toys are allowed at home. Your child will need to remove a toy from the home before they can pick up another from the store. 

This teaches them the value of things and why it’s important to first make use of what you have available. 

How you choose to create a minimalist lifestyle with kids will be different from someone else’s point of view. This is because you need to decide what’s essential to you and your family’s life. 

How Do Minimalists Live With Children?

Minimalists like to simplify their lives, and this includes living with children as well. You can live a rich life without the need for various items. 

This is one of the lessons minimalists teach their children; to prioritize experiences over things

It might be easier to hand your child an electronic device rather than head outdoors, but your child will value the fresh air more.

There are various ways you can declutter with kids aside from their toys. You can also work on minimizing their wardrobe. 

Shopping for kids can be simplified by focusing on the essentials: undergarments; bottoms; tops; and shoes. Make sure the items you’ve selected are durable. 

You can do your best to stop overstocking your closet as well. 

How Do You Get Kids On Board With Minimalism?

Going through your child’s things without asking might not be the best approach, more so if they’re attached to that blanket since birth. 

One of the simple ways you can get kids on board with minimalism at home is by getting your kid involved. There might be a bunch of items they’ve been wanting to part ways with that you may not have noticed. 

Deciding how you’ll handle gifts from birthdays and other special holidays is another option. This can be tough since family and friends don’t always understand when you tell them not to purchase another toy for your child. 

You can choose minimalist gifts ideas for kids that include memberships, gift cards, etc. 

Organizing your home can help your child understand how to help with living a minimalist lifestyle. Get started on easy kids’ house chores to have your child clean up after themselves.

Can you be a minimalist with children? Here's a breakdown of the 10 benefits of having a minimalist lifestyle with kids.
Everything you need to know on how to raise a minimalist child.

How Can I Minimize My House With Kids?

There are a number of things you can do to learn how to be a minimalist parent and create a minimalist family home. 

If you have multiple kids, you might want to focus on decluttering first. There are a number of benefits to doing so and how decluttering can improve your life.  

For starters, it decreases stress and helps with creativity. Decluttering your home can make it easier for you to go about your day-to-day. 

There are three main categories that should be tackled right away: paper; toys; and clothes. It’s all about how you organize these items in your home, and how you handle each as they enter your home. 

Add designated areas for things you have at home to help with stress free cleaning. This is perfect for getting the kids involved because they’ll know where everything goes. 

Focus on capsule wardrobes for everyone – including you. Forget grabbing what’s in style and keep what looks good on you, regardless of the occasion. 

Let go of things you don’t use. This is the easiest option because you know what you use and don’t plan to pick it up anytime soon. 

Practice mindful shopping with the family to help understand the value of a dollar. 

10 Benefits Of Having A Minimalist Lifestyle With Kids

There are various benefits to minimalism with kids at home. Below is a list of 10 reasons why you might want to create a minimalist family home:

  1. Better money management;
  2. Encourages generosity in kids;
  3. Promotes responsibility;
  4. Helps with prioritizing; 
  5. Creates a calmer home environment;
  6. Improves relationships with other family members;
  7. Makes kids appreciate the simple things; 
  8. Fosters a love for experiences rather than things; 
  9. Teaches kids how to live life on their terms;
  10. Sets boundaries for kids.

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

You can start minimizing your home by creating a habit through the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. There are numerous versions of this challenge online. 

The best out there is the challenge that encourages you to remove one item from your home on the first day. Two on the second, three on the third, and so on. 

By doing this, you’re reminding yourself each day of the value of decluttering your home. These simple steps build on as the month continues. 

Choosing to declutter your home in batches makes organizing your home easier for those who don’t know where to start. 

Final Thoughts 

Practicing minimalism for moms might not be easy at first, but once you look at why simplifying your space benefits kids you’ll never look back. 

Not only does decluttering benefit kids. The idea of living a minimalist lifestyle with kids can be beneficial for parents as well and for the same reasons. 

Whether you’re looking to learn how to raise a minimalist child or how to be a minimalist parent, you can walk away with a handful of ideas on how to get started. 

Before getting the kids on board, you’ll need to show them how you do it first. By doing so, you can see the difference in your own things.

15 responses to “Minimalist Lifestyle With Kids: How To Minimize Your Home”

  1. I think the minimalist lifestyle is a very important lesson for kids. it teaches us that we don’t things to make us happy and that the little things in life are what counts.

  2. A minimalist lifestyle makes things so much easier. First, one is afraid to miss things, but then you realize how little you actually need. Decluttering is also great when there are kids in the house. And minimalism is also something to teach them – especially in times like these.

  3. We have four kids and live in a 3-bedroom house so space is an issue so about 4 years ago I started ruthlessly decluttering and it has been life changing!!!! We now make sure we keep the clutter out regularly so that it doesnt build up!

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