Moms who practice daily self-care are more likely to tackle their goals. A recent survey highlights the value of making time for yourself. Learn how to prioritize your goals with a mom self-care routine.

Taking care of your physical, spiritual, and emotional health is critical to your wellness. These three are connected to your well-being and can help you remain stable. When keeping up with your state of being (your physical condition) you’ll notice a correlation with your state of mind (mental condition).

You can help improve your well-being by living a healthy lifestyle, practicing good hygiene, seeing loved ones, doing things that you enjoy, and finding ways to unwind.

More than 76% of moms said they currently have a self-care routine. When asked about consistency, 35% of moms said they rarely practice self-care. Fewer (29%) said they do so every month. Finding the right time for yourself can feel like playing a game of Tetris. There are plenty of moving parts and you’ll need to know how to make room for everything that comes down the pipeline.

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Armed with a list of priorities, you can get the most out of your self-care routine. In fact, the Mom Self-Care Habits survey found more than 76% of moms prioritize the family/recreational/social area in their lives. Career/financial was a close second, with over 52% of moms who listed this area as a priority.

A high number of moms (64.7%) said they struggle with physical/health. Other areas of concern were career/financial (29.4%), developmental/educational (23.5%), family/recreational/social (11.8%), and spiritual/value (5.9%).

Self-Care Areas Moms Prioritize (above) vs Self-Care Areas Mom Struggle With The Most (bottom)

Over half (71%) of moms said they want to spend time alone and doing things they enjoy is one of the ways they like to practice self-care. In addition, 41% of survey participants said they would like to work out more often as part of their self-care routine.

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10 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care Daily

One of the reasons why moms lack time for self-care is because they’re constantly focusing on other family members and friends. The goal is to focus on yourself so you can put your best foot forward, and be able to help others along the way.

Adopting a self-care routine into your everyday life will vary based on your lifestyle. Easy-to-adopt self-care practices include taking a walk outside, going to bed earlier, limiting screen time, and reading at night.

Here are 10 additional ways you can practice daily self-care.

1. Practice good hygiene.

It’s no surprise to see images on social media of women bathing themselves and cleaning their faces before heading to bed. Cleansing yourself makes a difference in how you feel because it helps you clear your mind.

One of the best ways to practice daily self-care is by ensuring you properly take care of your personal hygiene first thing in the morning and before going to bed. You can do this as a reminder to start fresh in the morning and to wash away your troubles from the day.

2. Connect with a loved one.

You can’t deny the impact socializing has on your self-care. You can get the most out of connecting with others by reaching out to someone you love. Simply hearing their voice can alter how you feel after a long day.

A quick text can help you catch up with someone and make plans for the near future.

3. Do something you enjoy.

Finding the time to relax can look different for everyone. You can start by implementing 5-minute self-care ideas into your morning and working your way up to planning a self-care day.

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4. Organize your space.

Having an organized home or work area can help with organizing your mind as well. You can start by implementing a minimalist lifestyle approach when dealing with the spaces in your home.

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5. Stretch your body.

Aside from deep breaths and meditation, stretching your body first thing in the morning improves your ability to do daily activities, increases muscle blood flow, improves body posture, and helps manage stress.

Incorporating 5-10 minutes of stretching into your day can help reduce inflammation and promotes relaxation.

6. Sticking to your word.

Being honest with yourself and those around you can make a difference in your mental health. Understanding the value of setting boundaries is key to improving relationships with loved ones and yourself as well.

Creating limits like these can help you be more assertive, teaches you the power of saying no, safeguards your space, and offers you the support that you need.

7. Research best practices.

You can learn how to improve your shower routine or implement a self-care Thursday by simply understanding what you need in life. Giving yourself a manicure or a pedicure takes practice, and so does refining your bedtime routine.

Think about the things you need in your life and start applying best practices into your daily life.

8. Plan ahead and schedule moments for yourself.

You never know what you’re capable of until you try it. This is one of the reasons why planning ahead has proven to be beneficial for moms looking to add more time into their day.

Never underestimate the value in scheduling time to catch up with a friend. A weekend lunch date can help you destress after a long week.

9. Never cancel on yourself.

You can find a million reasons why you shouldn’t do something, but canceling time for yourself isn’t one of them. If you planned to workout or head to the spa at a given time, then you should stick with it. Just as you wouldn’t appreciate someone canceling plans with you on a regular basis, you should consider your plans with yourself to be top of mind.

After all, how can you be there for others if you’re not there for yourself? Make the investment and cherish those moments.

10. Get outside.

Making time for some fresh air can be anything from going for a walk to stepping out of your daily routine. You don’t need to follow a strict lifestyle to be able to accomplish more in life. You just need to appreciate the moments.

a mom self-care routine for women experiencing mom depleted syndrome

Simplify Your Mom Self-Care Routine

There are multiple ways you can simplify your daily routine to add time for yourself. One of the key ways to implement self-care into your day is by properly managing your time. These time management tips for moms can help no matter how busy you may be throughout the week. New mom self-care is a little different than the others. Some of the benefits of adding self-care include reducing/eliminating anxiety and depression, reducing stress, and increasing your happiness. Another benefit of taking care of your well-being is creating strong relationships and overcoming setbacks.

You can grab a handful of mom self-care products to help improve your daily ritual. Below is a list of what new moms need for self-care:

These make the perfect new mom relaxation gifts or birthday gifts for mom because they help with understanding the needs of the mother. Create a self-care kit using all four products to spoil yourself or someone you know.

Self-Care Tips For Busy Moms

With the help of a self-care wheel, you can create a self-care routine that works for your day-to-day routine. As you begin your self-care journey, I encourage you to focus on what your body needs at the moment. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then going for a walk ad getting blood pumping throughout your body might be what you need. The same goes if you find yourself feeling alone, schedule some time to see those you love. Use these tired mom tips to help improve your energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of myself as a first-time mom?

Listening to your body and understanding what it needs is important as a mom, especially when you have a newborn. You may want to create a mom self-care schedule that aligns with your lifestyle. You can start by planning your meal times and exercise routine.

How do you balance self-care and being a mom?

Taking care of yourself gives you the energy to care for others as well. Parenting requires a juggling act rather than a balance between two things because you don’t tip the scale. You’re constantly moving between different areas of your life – from the kids, your spouse, work, the house, etc. Making time for yourself might seem like the last thing on your mind, however, it should be the first. Make sure you give yourself the same attention you give others – dress up, prepare your meals, go outside, and get plenty of rest.

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