The summer is a special season for Jeff and I. Not only are we celebrating birthdays, but we’re also celebrating our very first days together. And we can’t seem to understand how quickly time has flown.

It’s been almost four years since the day we met. Whenever Jeff plays Kenny Roger’s “Through The Years”, we laugh at the time we’d replace “years” with “months” to make it fit our life together.

But with Jeff’s crazy schedule and everything that kept piling on me because of the little time he had to spend with the boys and I, “us” time was practically non-existent.

For 2016, so many of my friends said they wanted to focus on themselves, and part of me wanted to do that this year. And to some extent, I’ve been able to do so. But with all the changes in our lives there came a point where we needed to go back to what matters the most to us, which was “us” time. 

Making Time For Love
We’re always traveling with our boys, and although that’s not a bad thing, sometimes we need to throw in a little romance each other’s way.

There are 24 hours in a day, and if you really want to do something you’ll get it done. But some nights all you can think of is rest. And those nights aren’t rare when you’re juggling a lot on your plate.

To help sneak in more “us” time, Jeff and I have somewhat of a routine going on. It may not always go the way we planned, but it works for us.  Here are three ways we add more “us” time every day.

1. Tire the kids out.
We put the kids to bed after we’ve played with pretty much every toy in the playroom. It allows us to catch up on our favorite shows and cuddle up in bed.

2. Replace other routines. 
Jeff’s current schedule means he’s tired by the time he walks through that door and really doesn’t want to go out again unless it’s necessary. And because of this, our pup no longer gets late night walks, but he does get to go in the yard before bed so that helps.

3. Discuss upcoming family trips. 
We’re always planning something to do on Jeff’s days off, and it’s always fun to think about the things we’ll need and how we’re going to prepare for the trips. Looking forward to something is always a great way to get through the days before it.

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