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Traveling with our kids is always an adventure for our family. However, during the holidays, we like to keep things local and do our best to avoid the crowds. We always like to pick places that contribute to our community and educate our kids about the environment.

Celebrating Mother’s Day With Our Tribe

Every year my husband asks what I’d like to do for Mother’s Day. Most of the time I tell him I just want to relax and take it easy. Although there’s never a moment of silence in our home, there are special times during the day that we get to enjoy together.

Whether we’re headed to a local park or the beach, it’s nice to be with our family. To help you avoid the crowds this Mother’s Day, I’ve put together a list of our top 3 Mother’s Day activities the entire family can enjoy, without breaking the bank! These are aimed not only as a fun family day, but also celebrating our community and environment by visiting some of FPL’s SolarNow locations!

1. Have a family picnic at the park.
We love heading to the playground and laying out our blanket. It also helps with breaking up the week. You can check out ArtsPark in Hollywood for a list of their upcoming family-friendly events, or Rotary Park is nearby with batting cages and a playground for your energetic kiddos!  

There’s also C.B. Smith Park here in Pembroke Pines that offers guests a water park and other sporting areas for you to enjoy. SolarNow trees are coming soon to this location, we can’t wait to check them out!

2. Find a new favorite beach to explore.

We made our way to Dania Beach last month and the waves were perfect. One of the perks of living in South Florida is having numerous beaches — why not take advantage of their beauty? Also, Hollywood Beach has a splashpad at Charnow Park and it’s a SolarNow location. We love that our kids can see the power of the sun and how it becomes a source for renewable energy.

BONUS: Plan the perfect dinner.
Whether you decide to dine out or try a new recipe at home, you’ll want to think of your family’s favorite dishes. Start your search on Pinterest for the best recipes here. If you plan to dine out this Mother’s Day, here’s a hack – go the night before to avoid waiting in line for too long!

3. Visit a museum.
We love feeding our kids’ curiosity by heading to the museum and teaching them about the different exhibits. It’s always nice to hear how they explain their adventures to their cousins. One of our favorite museums to visit is the Museum of Discovery &Science. Located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Museum of Discovery & Science has so much to do and see including their new outdoor Science Park. It’s designed for kids to explore basic concepts of physics, reinforce STEM skills, and move their bodies.

We were also happy to see that the Museum of Discovery & Science now houses a solar tree, which is one of the key components of FPL’s SolarNow program.

We were also happy to see that the Museum of Discovery & Science now houses a solar tree, which is one of the key components of FPL’s SolarNow program.

Stepping outside to the Science Park was a fun way to continue our exploration. From water play to pulling our own weight, we loved trying the new outdoor exhibit with the kids. We even got a chance to learn how the FPL SolarNow program is used at the Museum of Science & Discovery. With the help of the solar arrays, the museum can use sunlight to help power the facility.

How FPL Is Making a Change
Aside from living near the beaches, South Florida offers plenty of sunny days. That warm sensation that touches your skin when you head outdoors is now being used to help make a change. You can thank FPL SolarNow participants for bringing more solar into our neighborhoods!

FPL SolarNow is a voluntary program that provides customers with an easy way to support the development of solar arrays in local communities. Through a $9 per month contribution, customers can choose to support the development of these projects.

FPL has been installing solar power plants throughout the Sunshine State, as well as unique solar arrays at parks, zoos and museums. The FPL SolarNow arrays are generating zero-emissions power for the grid, and turning these locations into living classrooms for people of all ages to learn about solar energy and its benefits.

Currently, FPL has nearly 200 solar arrays installed or under construction across Florida, including 100 solar trees.

To learn more about FPL SolarNow, head over to their website. You can follow updates through social media as well via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Mother’s Day, we’ve earned it!

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  1. It must be so awesome to live in Florida. There is so many things to do! These are all great ideas. Next time we are in the area, we will do these.

  2. It does look like a great place to hang out! I’d probably have my husband take the kids here on Mother’s Day so I can have peace and quiet at home 😉

  3. I love when I’m able to spend Mother’s Day with family and these would be perfect ways to do that. I’m glad there are so many opportunities for kids to learn at the Museum of Discovery and Science.

  4. So many cool ideas. I would love to celebrate Mother’s Day in South Florida. So much to see and do.

  5. Those sound like great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day (or any day.) I’d love to visit those science museums. When my kids were home, we often celebrated Mother’s Day with a picnic in the park.

  6. I would LOVE to be able to spend time at the beach for Mother’s Day! Being able to relax in the sun on the sand and have fun with my family. Beaches are not open here this early in the year, but this idea is amazing!

  7. What fun ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day! I would personally go for the trip to the beach followed by dinner out, so someone else could do the dishes!

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