My Life Sometimes Feels Like Bill Murray's In Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day and Stay at home moms motherhood through my eyes

It’s the same day over and over again, until…

As a stay-at-home mom, I often question my sanity. Dealing with a toddler is not easy and I have to keep an eye on him most of the day just to make sure he is not harming himself. No matter how cute he may be, he has his little tantrums that are not so cute.

Every year, I look forward to watching Groundhog Day on February 2nd. But this year, I noticed something different from the film. I have always been a fan of the funny scenes and — believe it or not — really did not like the romance ones. Is that weird coming from a romance-comedy addict? Maybe it is because the main character is Bill Murray and not Billy Crystal?
Either way, my mind shifted to how similar my life is to the role Murray played in this movie; every day I wake up, same routine — the only thing that changes is whether or not Sebastian wants to be crazy or calm, or worse — whether or not Rocky wants to join in on the crazy days and I have a circus at home. The fun never ends, huh? 
One thing that I noticed from all the madness is that you can find a happy-medium — no, really, YOU CAN! And that is pretty much what Murray’s character realizes. Taking in all life’s little punches and making the best of it. Sometimes I find myself being approached by people like Ned Ryerson, and because my mind is still trying to process something that happened hours ago, I may even forget who they are, or even how I know them (sorry to those that have experienced this). 

The Bright Side
Being a stay-at-home mom may not be everything I thought it would be — heck, it has days when it surpasses anything I could have imagined — but it definitely has its perks. For one, I have been able to find true love in everything that I do for my family. Cooking no longer feels like a chore. And this is coming from someone who genuinely hated the kitchen. I love feeding my boys and I go out of my way to look up and try healthier alternatives for them. Check out my chicken and broccoli that was inspired by Jeff’s love for Chinese food over here.

Even on days when I want to rip my hair out — and lately it seems to happen almost every day, thanks to my toddler — there are still those little moments like when Sebastian runs into my arms while cleaning up his mess or sits on my lap as I am trying to respond to emails. Those are the little nuggets I love. And I am thankful for them, even if they come after a “toddler storm”.  Life could be better, but it could definitely be worse. I will have to side with life is beautiful, even with the tough days.

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