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If you’re looking to stay more organized this year, then we recommend starting with your kitchen. How you clean your kitchen says a lot about the way you prep your food. We recently shared how you can quickly clean your kitchen when you’re pressed for time.

One of the places we often ignore is the pantry. Keeping up with what’s in your pantry is a great way to understand what is needed from the grocery store.

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The following organized pantry ideas will help inspire you to work on your own. Your kitchen space should always reflect harmony. As the heart of your home, you want to make sure the cooking area is tidy. This begins with an organized pantry.

Before heading to the grocery store, you’ll want to make of list of the necessary items. This is the best time to begin organizing your pantry. Doing so can help with creating your food shopping list.

5 Organized Pantry Ideas That Work

Just as you’d clean your car at home or clean your mattress when you have guests visiting, it’s always a good idea to look through your pantry. Below are 5 ways you can improve your kitchen closet in time for the spring.

1. Remove items that have passed their expiration dates.

You can start one row at a time to ensure you don’t have your things everywhere. For items that are about to expire or you have no use, we suggest donating the products to a local food drive or shelter.

2. Make items accessible for you and your family.

Keep clear trays handy to put snacks your kids might want to grab throughout the day. This is a great way for them to practice independence.

Clean storage trays are a great idea for easy cleanups. They’re simple to remove, wipe down and neatly place back.

3. Have labels on your items.

Placing labels on your storage bins helps you quickly grab the items you need. It’s a bonus for house guests too. Your guests won’t need to ask for items when everything is neat and organized.

4. Place similar items together.

One of our favorite organized pantry ideas is to place similar products next to one another. Each row in our kitchen pantry has a category. Breakfast items above with baking essentials and our cooking spices are next to the cooking oils.

5. Line your shelves with fresh contact paper, recycled boxes.

You can opt to use cereal boxes as liners, or even shipping boxes. Adding a liner to your pantry will make it easier to clean next time.

Have you tried any of these organized pantry ideas for your home? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Going food shopping this week? You might want to see what you have first. 
Use these organized pantry ideas to help you stay on top of your cooking necessities.

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  1. I love how organized your kitchen is. I really need to get some canisters for my dry pantry goods.

  2. My pantry is in need of organization. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It all depends on who puts away the groceries. I will have to try these ideas.

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