Netflix Original Film makes you realize how valuable a mom can be to their son.

Women are empowering others these days and it’s beautiful. Netflix brought tears to my eyes as I watched three moms come together for a trip of a lifetime in a Netflix Original Film titled, “Otherhood”.

From visiting their sons to getting own their lives together, it goes to show moms really do know what’s best. Sometimes, it’s a matter of giving in to their emotions.

All three women embark on a trip for Mother’s Day that makes them realize why moms are the best gift to their sons. Protecting them along the way from unnecessary headaches and heartaches, the three women barge into their sons’ homes and make their presence known.

Making Changes In Life

We’ve all experienced changes in our everyday lives that make us feel uncomfortable. One mother shares her story of multiple husbands, another about the passing of her spouse and the third explains why she forgave infidelity.

One night out turns into an eye-opener for these long-time mom friends. Embracing the truth about their husbands, there’s a twist of events and changes are made in their lives. All for the better, of course.

After a year of madness, the scene opens up to a family gathering. It’s a shocker to see how these women manage to make peace with everything they’ve learned about each other and the lives they were leading.

There are three things you can take away from watching this film:
1) You will always need your mom;
2) Moms want the best for you;
3) Friendships are what help you stay grounded.

If you’re looking for a heartfelt film to watch with your mom friends, then I suggest grabbing a glass of wine and tissues. You’ll need both!

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