Finding time in your day for a workout might seem nearly impossible when you’re raising kids and working from home. With the help of online fitness instructors, I’ve been able to consistently workout throughout the week since I started using a workout app. This post highlights my Peloton app without bike review. 

Can you get fit with Peloton? Is Peloton worth the money? The answers to these questions and more on a Peloton app without bike use.
Using any exercise bike with the fitness app is fine.

Adding workout sessions into my day has always been a struggle for me. For months, I had been doing Zumba once a week and I even switched instructors because the first one wasn’t consistent. 

Although I enjoyed classes with my second Zumba instructor, and she was very helpful with tips and additional workouts throughout the week, I felt I wanted more. 

I need consistency, and thrive on scheduling my time throughout the week. As time went on, it became more of a hassle to set up workouts in the evenings. 

That’s typically when the madness starts in my home, right before bed. 

I was taking a Zumba workout class once a week for an hour, and investing 10-15 minutes the other days on the workout videos my Zumba instructor would send. 

Why I Tried The Peloton App Without Bike Purchase

Working out on my own wasn’t easy when I had other things on my mind. When you’re used to inspiring yourself and others around you, you sometimes wish there was someone there to push you. 

Also, I wanted something that I could do in the morning and be able to do it regularly. I tried focusing on YouTube workout videos, but first, I needed to sit and find the videos. 

After finding the videos, I needed to pencil in a time that I could do them. Although I have a list of videos somewhere in my personal email, I never got a chance to find the right time to put them to good use. 

During my search for fitness classes, I wanted to throw in a yoga class. I had reached out to my friends on social media for any suggestions. 

At that moment, a friend and fellow blogger mentioned yoga workouts on the Peloton app. I told her how I thought the fitness app only offered cycling and treadmill use. 

I know what you’re thinking: can you use the Peloton app without a bike? The answer is yes! 

I wasn’t aware of the Peloton app without bike use until my friend mentioned how they have other classes too. That’s when she mentioned the two-month free trial and how inexpensive the app is each month for a digital membership.

Once I signed up for the Peloton app programs, I noticed there were challenges I could participate in to help with my fitness goals. I did yoga that Friday as I had been wanting to do so for months. 

It felt nice to do something for less than an hour and get the most out of my workout. This was something I began to notice more about the workout app. 

You have short, targeted workout sessions that make it easy for you to schedule time in your day for you. The best Peloton app workouts for weight loss for me have been strength classes. 

Under the strength classes, you’ll notice Core and Arms Toning sessions. These are perfect for focusing on those parts of your body. 

There are live sessions you can join in the moment or schedule in advance. Pre-recorded workouts are also available for scheduling or on-demand viewing. 

How Much Is Peloton Per Month?

If you’re looking to purchase a bike than you’re probably curious how much does a Peloton bike cost. Each bike is $1,895 with options to finance the product for $49 a month. 

Other options available for purchasing the bike include gear as well:

  • Essentials Package;
  • Works Package; and 
  • Family Package. 

The Essentials Package comes with the Peloton bike, a 12-month limited warranty, delivery and assembly, shoes, a set of bike weights, as well as a set of headphones. The price for this option is $2,045. 

You can also finance this package for $53 a month. 

The Works Package is delivered with everything in the Essentials Package, plus a heart rate monitor and bike mat. These items are available on the website for $2,145 and can be financed for $55 per month. 

The Family Package option is everything included in the Works Package plus two water bottles. It’s priced at $2,345 with the option to finance the gear for $61 a month. 

There are two bike options: Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+. 

The Peloton Bike comes with a variety of classes to choose from, a 22” HD Touchscreen, 2×10 watt sound system, and rear speakers. The Peloton Bike+ has the same access to the classes, a bigger HD Touchscreen (24”), a 4-channel audio with 2×3 watt tweeters and 2×10 watt woofers, additional speakers (2 front-facing and 2 rear-facing speakers), a rotating screen with 360 movement, auto-follow resistance, and Apple GymKit integration. 

In a comparison based on the equipment, the Peloton Bike+ is extra equipment and a better experience for someone workout out at home. However, that’s not to say you won’t be able to comfortably experience all that Peloton has to offer with the Peloton Bike option. 

The goal remains the same for you as the brand user. Whether or not you decide to purchase a Peloton Bike or just the digital subscription, there’s no denying that you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals if you keep up with it. 

Is The Peloton App Free With Bike Purchase

The Peloton app is free for those who have an All-Access Peloton membership. This is a $39 per month fee Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread (treadmill owners) pay to be part of the Peloton community. 

The All-Access membership lets you and your family create individual profiles they can log into on the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, and/or mobile app. You’re offered personalized class recommendations and can track the progress of your workouts. 

You also have control over the different music genres and instructors with unique coaching styles. There’s even a leaderboard for users to connect and compete with other users. 

Is Peloton Worth The Money

Whether or not you’ve been eyeing the Peloton bike or simply looking to workout from home via the company’s app, there’s no denying that the price for the bike does sound intimidating. 

With more people going for other alternatives like the Echelon, there’s the question of whether or not the company’s bike is worth purchasing to do the cycling exercise classes via the fitness app. 

If you’re wondering why the Peloton bike is so expensive, then you haven’t done your research. Most users have done cycling for quite some time and they appreciate the smoothness of the ride as well as the quality of the product. 

The truth is, if you’re looking for quality, then you’ll want to buy the Peloton bike to use the app. That’s not to say you can’t use the Echelon bike with Peloton app or any other bike. 

The classes are based on the company’s bike. However, it’s not necessary for the workouts that the equipment is purchased from the brand. 

Think of it as your sneakers and other fitness gear you put on for a workout. You can go for more expensive, quality-driven products, or you can go for inexpensive, simple items. 

You’ll still put in the work either way, but it won’t be as comfortable when you choose the cheaper materials.

Can Peloton Instructors See You

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you are waking up after a rough night, and/or wearing mismatched workout gear or not. The Peloton instructors can’t see you — only you can see them and follow along. 

This is a bonus because most days I’m hoping out of bed and hitting the mat. I find working out in the morning is easier for me with three kids and two pups at home because I can do it while everyone is still in bed. 

Your progress on the Peloton app is measured by the classes you take. There are challenges for you to try as well that can help you reach your fitness goals. Instructors do give shoutouts in class and other milestones are mentioned on social media. 

The Peloton instructors make it a point to show they’re paying attention to your progress. Some even prefer you message them via DM if you enjoyed the class or have questions about it. 

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Peloton

If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars, then I recommend using the Peloton app without bike for a bit. Once you’ve taken advantage of the free trial, that’s when you can decide if it’s for you. 

Buying the bike right away — financing it or not — might be over the top for fitness gear. Focus on what you have at hand — your mobile device and access to the Internet. 

If you’ve been spending money at a gym, then you can pay the $12.99 a month fee for the app once the free trial is over. Personally, I’ve been enjoying the free trial and look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Peloton because it’s made it easy for me to be consistent every week. 

The music selection and the fitness instructors are a huge plus! They help keep me motivated during the workouts and push me a little further each time.

To help me get the most out of my subscription, I’ve been using a Peloton hack that I created as part of my weekend routine. When I plan out my week, I pencil in time to plan out my workout sessions as well. 

By creating a schedule of my fitness classes via the Peloton app, I’m able to mentally prepare myself for another week of focusing on my fitness goals. 

One week, I target Strength classes aimed for the midsection. The following week, I focus on Strength classes that target the lower body. 

Can You Get Fit With Peloton

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, it depends on your goals. The Peloton app and fitness equipment does make it easier for you to access different workouts based on your goals. 

However, like most things in life, it’s all about the work you put into it. Peloton gives you the equipment you need to help you complete your workouts.

It’s up to you to put in the work and hit each milestone along the way. Whether you decide to pick up Peloton apparel or the Peloton spin bike, you have to decide if you’re ready for the commitment.

Using the Peloton app without bike use can be helpful in attaining your fitness goals. You can always purchase your own Peloton gear without the Peloton price. Get the most out of your Peloton class with these workout tips.
Creating a fitness routine that works for you can be exciting with the right tools.

How Can I Lose My Stomach Fat With Peloton App

I’ve been using the Peloton app for almost two months now and I genuinely enjoy the workout sessions with the trainers I’ve had so far. 

One of the things people often question: Is Peloton good for weight loss? Personally, the Strength classes are my favorite because I feel they are the most challenging for me. 

In focusing on my glutes, arms, and legs during the Strength sessions, I’m also targeting my core. Keeping a tight midsection has helped me find balance during my workout routine. 

There are Stretching classes available as well. Peloton instructors preach about the importance of a pre- and post-workout stretch. 

I appreciate this because stretching has always been an issue for me and it’s how I’ve hurt my muscles and back in the past. The Peloton app makes it easy for you to schedule quick on-demand Stretching classes prior to your workouts. 

Classes included on the Peloton app subscription fall under the following categories:

  • Strength;
  • Yoga;
  • Cardio;
  • Meditation; 
  • Running; 
  • Cycling; 
  • Tread Bootcamp; 
  • Bike Bootcamp; and 
  • Walking

Most of the classes I’ve tried fall under Strength because they are targeted and focus on areas that I have included in my fitness goals, such as:

  • 20 Minute Core;
  • 20 Minute Glutes and Legs;
  • 45 Minute Full Body; 
  • 30 Minute Upper Body Strength;
  • 10 Minute Core;
  • 10 Minute Arms and Shoulders; 
  • 30 Minute Chest and Back;
  • 30 Minute Bootcamp: Full Body; 
  • 10 Minute Arms Toning; and 
  • 20 Minute Bodyweight

Peloton classes vary every week, but most classes take place at similar times during the day. This is great when you’re pressed for time or would like to start setting up time blocks during the day for your workout sessions. 

In December 2020, the company introduced Pilates classes to its library of fitness content under the Strength category. This has been a long-awaited class option for friends using the Peloton app. 

Peloton support is available via phone from 9 AM to 9 PM ET via (866) 679-9129 and on the chat window at the bottom of the Peloton Support page. You can also find answers to support questions like setting up your gear and adjusting the equipment in the Peloton Support section of the brand’s YouTube Channel

To use Peloton via your Apple Watch, users are required to be on Apple Watch 6.0 or higher. This option makes it convenient to use Peloton for running. 

As a Roku TV user, you can also access the Peloton classes on your SmartTV. Here is a step-by-step tutorial via the Peloton website for Roku TV and streaming devices to try on compatible Roku Stick, Roku TV HD, and Roku 4K (generation 3 and up):

  1. Download the Peloton Channel for Roku TV and streaming devices. You can do this by searching “Peloton” in the Roku Channel Store on your Roku TV and streaming device. Then select download to continue. 
  2. Existing Peloton digital or All-Access members should select “Log in” on the screen. Enter your login information. 
  3. New users should follow instructions to create an account. You can create your account to access your 30-day free trial and continue with Peloton payments the following months.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to all the workout classes. 
  4. Make use of the library of fitness content available. You can filter Peloton classes based on music genre, fitness level, and instructors. 
  5. Pay attention to the necessary equipment. Before signing up for a class, you are prompted to look at the equipment you’ll need to participate in class. Make sure you have the items listed before you proceed. 
  6. Each class is timed. You can keep track of the time you have remaining for the Peloton class through the top left-hand corner. 
  7. Put effort into your workout. One of the things Peloton instructors preach is progress over perfection. Don’t look for the perfect workout session. Keep going and adjust your form when you need to. 

DIY Peloton: Can You Set Up Your Own Peloton

You can always create your own Peloton setup by challenging yourself daily and having a community of friends who are targeting similar fitness goals. This is what you get with Peloton — a community of people aiming for goals that are similar to yours. 

You’re probably wondering is Peloton the best exercise bike? The truth is, purchasing a $300+ exercise bike on Amazon might be a budget-friendly option for you if you’re looking to set up your own workout at home. 

Now all you need to do is create a list of YouTube workout videos that meet your fitness level and goals. These budget friendly workout sessions will require strong willpower on yourself to stay focused. 

You can find great fitness instructors via YouTube, but it might take some trial and error over time. You have the option of asking around or searching on Google as well. 

Find out what jobs are available at Peloton careers.

How To Apply To Be A Peloton Instructor

With the uncertainty in the workplace, it’s interesting to see more people are focused on creating different opportunities for themselves. If you’re interested in teaching a Peloton class of your own, you can apply to be a Peloton instructor on the company website. 

There are three ways you can filter job opportunities available at the company:

1) Filter by department;
2) Filter by job; and
3) Filter by location. 

If you scroll down, you’ll notice other options as well. The department sections are broken down based on jobs that are currently available. 

For those interested in working with the fitness company, you’re probably wondering how much does Peloton pay its instructors. According to Peloton fitness instructor Jess Sims, the company pays its instructors for time off, and they go to weekly physical therapy sessions to prevent injuries. 

Although the company hasn’t disclosed how much their instructors make, there’s a Reddit thread that mentions how each Peloton instructor receives anywhere between $500-750 per live class, and up to $300K a year. “They have [responsibilities] besides riding a bike,” one Reddit user stated in the thread. “They have to travel a lot.” 

Final Thoughts

Having the Peloton app without bike purchase has been a blessing for me. For years, I’ve missed cycling at the gym. 

Although I thought about purchasing a bike to start cycling again, I’ve decided to focus on other inexpensive, yet challenging, fitness options available to me today. 

Finding workouts on your phone is easy, but planning out the right sessions based on your fitness goals is easier with the Peloton app. It does the work for you and the Peloton instructors are willing to push you through the challenging workouts. 

All you need to do is hop on the Peloton sign in page and make use of the on-demand Peloton login sessions available via the Challenge section.

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