When people asked me about my first birthing experience, I would mention that I had a C-section. 

That’s all I had to say before their faces would change, signifying their lack of interest in hearing me out. 
You see, having a child cut out of you isn’t considered a real birthing experience in the eyes of most women. And that, to me, is just wrong. 
When I opened up about my VBAC, people were always curious. They seemed to welcome me with open arms into what seems to be a motherhood cult. 
I was happy to be welcomed, but I also noticed the hypocrisy. 
I’m not sure if people avoid the topic because they can’t relate or because they feel as though they might stir up some emotions in the other person. But whatever it is, there’s definitely something that makes women hold back from discussing a C-section with someone else. 
The Pain
Regardless of how I brought my boys into this world, they were both conceived the same way. The pregnancies were similar, except the second time around I was caring for a toddler and going through the aches and pains. 
Labor was similar. Tingly feelings and contractions that intensified with time. The only difference was getting the epidural at a time when the pain scale reached 8 out of 10, 10 being the worst pain ever. 
The Recovery
Going into recovery mode was probably the easiest part of my VBAC. Of course, urinating wasn’t fun since I had a tear. Regardless, I got through it. 
I will admit that the length of my recovery after my VBAC was a lot shorter than my C-section. 
When I was told not to move around too much I wanted to laugh. I didn’t sit still after my C-section and I sure wasn’t going to watch the clothes and dishes pile up this time. 
The truth is, however your children came into the world, it was a life-changing experience that should be welcomed into this motherhood hall of fame. After all, we’re all still learning how to master this role. 

2 responses to “People Treat Me Differently Now That I Had A VBAC”

  1. I had a VBAC too. It was funny bc I was so excited to share my VBAC experience with my family and they didn't care. It kind of hurt my feelings bc I felt my VBAC was a great accomplishment.

    • I'm sorry to hear your family just brushed you off. It's such an accomplishment because you were able to overcome one of the scariest procedures ever.

      Do you have a post about it on your blog? I'd love to read about your experience.

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