How to add the perfect bedtime routine into your day and bedtime rituals for adults that help improve sleep habits.

Your night routine has a lot to do with how you manage your day. With a nighttime routine checklist and simple motherhood hacks you can use with your family, you’ll have a better understanding of what is a good bedtime routine. Here are some key ways you can create the perfect bedtime routine for you and your family.

How to add the perfect bedtime routine into your day and bedtime rituals for adults that help improve sleep habits.
Bedtime rituals for adults are essential to improving your sleep habits.

When you become a parent, you quickly realize how much free time you used to have to do anything your heart desired. At some point in this new role, you almost start craving those lost times.

What if I told you there’s a way to get those moments back?

It starts with your bedtime routine.

What Is A Good Bedtime Routine

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a bedtime routine and why it’s important, then you’re ready. It’s time I let you in on one of my motherhood hacks.

After months of letting the kids wait up for my husband at night, I noticed I was doing more harm than good. Not only were they not getting enough sleep at night, but they were cutting into time for myself and with my husband.

Understanding what is a good bedtime routine can help you improve sleep quality. However, falling asleep takes a handful of night time rituals.

Is 10 PM A Good Bedtime

Finding the perfect bedtime routine starts with understanding your daily schedule. If you need to wake up early and wonder is 10 PM a good bedtime, then you need to dive into what the day looks like for you.

A busy day will tire you out faster, and cause you to fall asleep sooner because your body is exhausted. Consistency is key here, and your body will understand that every day at 10 PM it needs to rest.

The body starts falling asleep and waking up at a certain time daily because of circadian rhythm, which is your body’s internal process that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. This improves your sleep quality and allows you to get the necessary amount of relaxation.

What Age Should You Start A Bedtime Routine

It’s been noted that a child begins to understand the idea of a bedtime ritual by 6 to 8 weeks. Starting your child early on is great way to begin organizing a bedtime schedule that works for you and your family.

Setting up a ritual for your child when they are small is key to creating structure in your family. There are simple ways to begin introducing the idea of a bedtime routine for your child at a young age, and it starts with a plan.

The Perfect Bedtime Routine For Baby

Whether or not you go to sleep early or late, it depends on your night routine. For children, a 10 PM bedtime isn’t ideal since they need more rest.

Less sleep can harm child development because it causes irritability, increases stress, lack of memory, and learning difficulties, and lack of motivation. With time, improper sleep quality can lead to anxiety and depression in kids.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible to improve your everyday life by reworking a kid’s bedtime routine until I gave it a try.

After implementing a new nighttime routine checklist, the kids were able to function better throughout the day. Their memory improved and they were excited to start the day.

If I told you the time the boys were going to bed prior to the new school year, you’d probably consider me a terrible parent.

Oh, and his bed routine wasn’t healthy either.

My firstborn would wait up until my husband arrived to have dinner as a family and spend time with him. The downside was that my husband and I were too exhausted to entertain him and would hand him acell phone before bed.

He would tire himself out by watching Blippi and Ryan’s ToyReview. I remember monitoring whatever he’d watch from my shoulder before bed and that was my last good deed for the day.

I know it was terrible, right?

For some, this bedtime process sounds normal. For me, it never felt that way.

I never wanted my first born son to depend on technology to go to sleep, but it was doing two things for me: 1) it gave me time with my husband, and 2) it gave me time for myself.

Here are 3 easy bedtime routine ideas to implement every night with your baby:

1. A warm bath

Adding a warm bath into your baby’s bedtime routine helps cleanse them from the day. Babies can be messy, more so if they’re mobile.

Using a lavender-scented bath wash is perfect for soothing your baby to sleep.

2. A quick massage

Relaxation is key when putting a baby to sleep. Adding a quick massage can help relax your baby’s muscles and help release gases. You can always push your baby’s knees to their chest for a simple and effective baby massage.

3. Comfortable pajamas

Wearing the right clothes will help with your baby’s body temperature. There are a variety of pajamas available online for you to choose from that are both cute and comfortable.

You can always go for a swaddle fleece to help your baby stay warm at night, more so if they like kicking off their socks.

A bedtime routine toddler will enjoy and simple ways to create the perfect bedtime routine for yourself.

5 Tricks For A Rewarding Bedtime Schedule For Kids

At one point in my parenting journey, life got crazy and you know what happens next. You begin to fall into old habits or develop new bad ones.

After having a second child, staying up at night added something else to the equation: less sleep for me. The kids weren’t getting enough sleep at night and they were living an unhealthy lifestyle — and so was I. Eating after 6 pm wasn’t helping me shed the pregnancy weight, it was adding extra. 

The smartphone became their bedtime entertainment and light of the cell phones wouldn’t immediately tire them out. In fact, it would keep them awake longer.

Unlike TV shows or movies, there isn’t a limit to the amount of YouTube videos you can watch in one sitting. Oh, and they were loving it. 

Me? Not so much. 

I knew there was something I could do. So, I whipped out my notepad and started jotting down ways to keep the kids busy throughout the day.

There is a lot of planning that goes on in the home. For parents, looking for ways to improve your everyday life with kids is key to surviving the madness.

Creating a healthy sleep pattern for your family will make it easier for you to get on board as well. Planning some time during the day to play with your kids helps with creating a sleep routine.

From trips to local playgrounds to indoor activities, the kids love helping with ideas on how to plan out the week together.

Below are 5 tricks I used on the kids to get them into bed early every night:

1. Planned for an early dinner

With a toddler, preschooler, and a school-aged child, you need to be strategic. The kids love snacking and do it often.

Although they have snacks throughout the day, we do our best to stick to a 4 pm dinner schedule. Sometimes, I’ll even throw in a dessert. They love it! 

Moving it up 3 hours helped prevent bedwetting, and gives the kids enough time to finish their plates and relax before a bath.

2. Had playtime before a bath

The kids can get a little rough when they’re tired. In between the play fighting and pretending to be superheroes, someone gets hurt. That’s typically when 6 pm rolls around and I’m running a warm bath for them. This gets them excited for bedtime. 

3. Chose awesome pajamas

Most of the kids’ pajamas are characters they love. They love having similar ones and dressing alike.

It helps with fighting over certain pajamas.

I let them pick the ones they want to wear for the night. It makes them feel independent and gives me a break while I clean up the kitchen.  

Superhero pajamas are always a hit with boys.
Use these simple motherhood hacks to help you create the perfect bedtime routine.

4. Read enough books

Bedtime reading has been such a joy for us. I will admit, some nights I can barely get through the first book, but I do it for the kids.

While reading each book, I try to be as animated as possible — like the shows they love on YouTube — and it works! 

The kids love when I ask them questions as well. It’s always interesting to hear their responses as to what they think will happen next. 

5. Keep silence all around 

No technology use before bed, as it helps with blue light exposure. Quiet time is a blessing for the kids.

Since it doesn’t happen often, it’s a treat for them to be able to rest and appreciate the stillness of the night. It’s quite relaxing for me as well. Sometimes I take a nap while the kids fall asleep.

After implementing this bedtime routine, I’ve noticed I feel more relaxed. The kids get more sleep and my husband gets to walk into the house without thinking he has to take on the kids for me.

I value his hard work and how much he’s willing to help me after a long day, but I rather enjoy time with him. Whether it’s talking about the day or catching up on shows — it’s just us. Adult conversations and cuddles on the couch. 

It helps me fall more in love with this life we’ve created instead of feeling overwhelmed all the time. 

The Importance Of A Bedtime Routine Adults Will Understand

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed before the start of a new day, then it might be the lack of a night ritual. Going to sleep at the same time every night can help with managing everyday fatigue.

With children at home, it can feel as though you’re constantly on the go. Most of the time you are, but there are moments of relaxation you can plan into your day.

The importance of a bedtime routine in adults who feel exhausted throughout the day includes self care and quiet moments to themselves.

Although there are times when even with a bedtime routine adults may feel triggered by their surroundings. It’s important to understand there will be trying times as well.

The more you plan in advance, the better off you are when these moments arise.

The Perfect Bedtime Routine For Adults

For some parents, going to sleep at a reasonable time is a luxury. Everyday life seems to come way before a goodnight’s rest.  

Nothing beats a warm bath after a long day of running errands and spending time together. Before hitting the pillow, I follow a night routine that helps me prepare for the next day.

After chasing partially-sleepy kids, I get them to bed so I can focus on myself and my husband. A light dinner is set on the table for him to enjoy as we discuss things that happened during the day.

There are numerous ways to mentally unwind after a long day.

There are 7 things you should do every night to improve your bedtime routine and help you relax at night.    

1. Take a warm bath/shower

Your muscles have been working hard all day and the best thing to help loosen them up is the sensation of warm water. Add scrub to your night shower to help exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

Cleansing your pores is essential to maintaining a healthy, natural glow. Taking a warm bath helps with your sleep hygiene as well.

2. Moisturize your skin

Caring for your skin helps with the look and feel of it. If you wear flip flops often, then you’ll want to moisturize your feet daily to avoid cracks and such.

One of the best solutions I have found for your feet is using a pumice stone. I’ve actually found several here in the beaches of South Florida and give them to family and friends. Another great solution is using a really good moisturizer.

While moisturizing your skin, gently massage the lotion on your skin. This will help you unwind and ease off the stress.

3. Have a light snack

Eating before bed isn’t always found in bedtime routines. However, with a light snack you can prevent late night cravings or the need for a big meal before going to sleep.

4. Avoid social media

Using social media before bed might cause you to engage with others or feel mixed emotions as you scroll from happy updates to upsetting ones. It’s better to pick up a book or a notebook and write down ideas.

When you write down your thoughts, you are getting them out of your mind and it can rest better at night.

5. Wear comfortable clothing

Although sleeping in the nude is liberating, you may prefer clothing at night. If so, you should wear cotton material and fitting clothes that allow your body to breathe while you sleep.

Comfort is important when you’re sleeping because it allows you to sleep throughout the night.

6. Reflect on the day

Thinking about your day can help you plan for a better tomorrow. For instance, if the day was a bit stressful, you’ll want to focus on ways that you can minimize your stress levels the following day.

Writing down your thoughts helps and so does planning your To-Do list.

7. Make time for sex

It might sound like the last thing on your mind when you’re stressed, but sex is probably the best stress reliever. Unless you’ve received medical advice not to have sex, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it.

Creating the perfect bedtime routine takes more than planning ahead. This night time routine checklist is great for adults with kids.

Quick Bedtime Routine For Adults Worksheet

If you’re looking to start focusing on your bedtime routine, then you’ll want to look at your current night ritual and how it’s been working for you. This will help you make adjustments where needed.

For those who are hoping to create one from scratch, it’s better to think of ways to minimize the stress in your day. Nighttime planning is essential if you’d like to improve sleep patterns.

I suggest taking out a piece of paper or printing the bedtime routine for adults worksheet below rather than sing your phone. Less exposure to blue light means more time to rest your eyes.

You can easily get distracted by social media notifications when you use your phone for this exercise. Creating a healthy sleep pattern begins with understanding what’s not working for you.

One of the ways I’ve been able to perfect my bedtime routine is by cutting out noise before bed. Having the kids in bed by a certain time gives me the flexibility to plan for the next day without any distractions.

This bedtime routine for adults worksheets will help with planning a personalized night ritual that works. Try something new from the list of ideas or share with a friend who needs to improve their routine.

The Perfect Bedtime Routine Questionnaire
Build Your Own Night Routine

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