Why A Supportive Husband Makes A Good Partner

Showing your partner and kids the importance of supporting those you care about starts in the home. Although having a supportive husband is a blessing, there are relationships that aren’t as supportive of the things that mean the most to the other person’s life. Learn ways to deal with situations when your husband is not supportive and how to be a supportive wife as well.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is great, but having that person support you and your dreams is even better.

I met my husband at a time when I wasn’t thinking about settling down or meeting the man of my dreams. However, I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t set up a list of all the necessary things I wanted in a significant other.

Before meeting my husband more than seven years ago, we each had been single for more than three years. Our focus had been on our own future.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.
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Life has a funny way of showing you all the wonderful reasons to smile. I believe one of them was introducing me to Jeff.

Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs, but they’ve been a blessing for us. Each time we’ve had it rough, we’ve held hands and continued our journey.

We’ve been able to experience some of the most precious moments of life together, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

I might not know where life will take us, but I know where it’s taken us thus far. Together, it feels as though we can accomplish anything that comes our way.

We give each other strength in times of weakness, and love in times of hurt. We complement each other well. He works with numbers, I work with letters.

He’s a night owl and I’m an early bird. He’s left-handed and I’m a righty.

You get it. The list goes on.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

What Is A Supportive Husband

Understanding that everyone has needs they’d like to be met in their relationship is a key indicator that someone would make a great life partner. When someone doesn’t meet the needs of their significant other, this is when the person will feel unloved and misunderstood.

There are ways to help one another improve the relationship and it stems from communication. A partner who shows that they love, care, and understand that a marriage is a two-way street of giving and take, is the best way to define what is a supportive husband.

Giving someone the love and attention they deserve is the best way to avoid conflict or feeling as if you’re being taken for granted. It may seem like a difficult task at first, but communicating your emotions and offering emotional support is helpful in every marriage.

According to Mom.com, a supportive spouse is someone who doesn’t consider your work as a hobby or a thing. He is also a partner in raising the kids and doesn’t assume the wife should take on all the responsibilities.

The post continues with the following traits:
– Doesn’t blame their spouse for a child’s struggles,
– Understands when you need time for yourself;
– Supports their partner in pursuing other passions;
– Does things the other person enjoys;
– Listens to whatever is on their partner’s mind;
– Plans ahead to make life with their partner easier; and
– Won’t undermine their spouse in front of the children.

How Being A Supportive Husband Helps

The amount of support I receive from Jeff is inspiring. Even at my lowest point, I’ve been able to lean on him for support.

Before making any big decisions with my blog or freelance work, I always consult with him. He’s like a business partner, and in many ways, being in a marriage with kids is like running a business.

Your products are your kids and you work together to keep your company from going into bankruptcy.

Love fuels much of our daily life together, and it keeps us fighting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Through Jeff’s love and support, I’m able to do things I didn’t think were possible in a marriage.

Most successful relationships turn into marriage and it’s important to note why it works out for some and not all. For us, it’s been about focusing on the simple things in life that show how much we love and care about each other.

Below are traits of a supportive husband that can help with marriage:

Make the most out of the time with the kids

Working long hours doesn’t mean you forget about each other or your family. A supportive spouse will always find time for moments at home with the kids.

Days off are days we spend off the grid. We travel together with our family — pups included. 

Push each other a little further every time 

Although I’m intrinsically motivated, there are times I need to hear someone else’s advice. My husband has taught me a lot about being more organized with my thoughts and creating processes to execute day-to-day tasks at home.

Love your partner and kids wholeheartedly

Knowing that he loves and supports me through everything has given me the capability to open up my heart without the fear of getting hurt. Shutting down has always been one of my defense mechanisms and I don’t feel the need to do this with my husband.

Appreciate the simple things

I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a minimalist, but Jeff has shown me a different level of what it means to cut down on things. There was a time in my life that I thought being pampered — nails, hair, and the right makeup — was going to make me feel beautiful.

There are other reasons to smile in life, and it doesn’t have a price tag.

Having A Supportive Husband Doesn’t Mean He’s Perfect

Not many people know that I bounce ideas with my spouse every week. My husband is always in the background of everything, helping me get through life with three kids and two pups.

However, it wasn’t always a blessing to work on my blog. In fact, while I was building my business, I was hurting our family.

By ignoring him when he walked into the door and not making time for him, I was turning our relationship into a routine — something I never wanted it to be.

Bumping heads was just what we needed to realize how much we weren’t making time for each other. Looking back, it’s scary to think about how preoccupied we were with everything but each other.

One thing I’ve been working on since our talk is how to spend more time with those I love, regardless of the deadlines.

This reminder was what I needed to get back to the things that mattered and why I even started this blog — my family.

When I placed my focus on ways to juggle the two, I noticed a sigh of relief on my partner’s face. Even the kids began to notice less tension between us.

It’s been great working from home, but I will admit that it’s no walk in the park. It takes patience to create something from the ground up, and lots of support from those you love. This is why I remind other moms that having a supportive husband inspires you to do great things.

You know what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman. I’d like to say that behind every strong wife is a very supportive partner.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

How To Deal With An Unsupportive Husband

Although I’ve been fortunate to have a spouse who genuinely cares about my blog and even offers feedback, I do know of other moms who struggle with an unsupportive husband.

Most of the time, it’s because they don’t understand the value of what you’re doing. They often question whether you’re wasting resources, and there’s no immediate gratification.

For moms who are in this position, I often tell them to create a schedule and never work when their spouse is around. Not doing so can prevent arguments.

One thing I will advise is not to do it behind your spouse’s back. Regardless of what you think it might turn into, I don’t think hiding what you do will help.

I know a family member who did this, and it led to a lot of heated discussions.

By creating a schedule, you’ll be able to focus on the essentials. One of the ways I like to make time for both family and friends is by setting up alarms on my phone.

I used to have what each alarm meant throughout the day, but it would cause confusion for family and friends who would hear them go off.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.
These emojis are a lot easier to understand and helpful throughout the day.

Another way I advise moms on how to deal with a not-so supportive husband is to write down everything they’re doing to reach their goal. A bonus would be to invest less money and more time when possible.

How To Be A Supportive Wife

There are times when we feel overwhelmed with everyday things that we forget how to appreciate others.

When my husband and I moved in together we had help from nearby family and friends. It wasn’t until we moved to South Florida that we learned how to rely on each other.

At first, I didn’t think the idea of being a stay-at-home mom was fair. My husband would continue to advance in his career while I was home with our six-month-old.

Although I wanted to be happy for my husband and all the opportunities he continued to receive, I couldn’t be. I wanted to be happy for myself as well.

You know what they say, you can’t be happy for others if you’re not happy with yourself.

That’s where I struggled. Fortunately, I was able to turn my stay-at-home role into a work-at-home one. Having a supportive partner made the transition much easier than most.

He loved seeing me happy and he knew it also kept me sane.

Whether you have a supportive husband or not, showing him support can be helpful. Doing so might inspire an unsupportive husband to do the same.

Also, showing someone you love the support you’d like to receive from them can help strengthen your relationship. There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to lean on someone when you need them the most.

Please understand that a supportive hubby doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes there might be tension in other aspects of your relationship.

These will need to be addressed before you will see changes in your partner.

This brings up the importance of communication. In all relationships, communication is what helps you get through everyday life.

Be sure you’re communicating with your spouse on the things that matter to you.

You can also communicate through your actions as well. Listening to their thoughts can be a wonderful way to communicate you are there for them, no matter what.

Reminding your spouse of how much you love them is another way to show them you care and are willing to support them through their decisions.

Acknowledging problems is a great way to help your spouse re-evaluate things. For instance, if your partner is investing too much time in something, it’s important to discuss a game plan together.

9 Supportive Husband Quotes That Show Emotional Connection

There are many ways to show your spouse the support they need. These supportive husband quotes are a great inspiration to help you and your spouse be more supportive of each other.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

Be with someone who says, “Let’s fix this”.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

Our journey isn’t perfect. But it’s ours. I’ll stick with you until the end.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

I want you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

Your battle is my battle. We fight together.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

I’m sorry someone you loved made you think you were hard to love.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

I protect you not because you’re weak. I do it because you’re important to me.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

You are not an option. You are a priority.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

You can’t control anyone. Let their actions show you if they respect you.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

Invest in your spouse. Your support can inspire them to do great things.

Why Having A Supportive Husband Helps Your Business

When I started this parenting journey with my spouse, I didn’t think it would be this much fun. Three kids later and you’d never believe we met at a car dealership. I shared our story in a previous post.

I’ve always known that I’m not the easiest person to deal with, yet my partener makes it look like it’s a pleasure.

I remember when we started dating and how simple it was for him and me to connect. Being in his arms felt like I was home.

Everything just felt right, and it still feels the same now, but it’s for a different reason.

I’ve always felt a connection to him and when we started a family I took on a new role as a stay-at-home mom. My spouse took on a lot of the financial aspect of our relationship, he’s always been supportive of my ideas. This is one of the reasons why I tell other working moms about the value of having a supportive husband.

When we moved to South Florida, I knew I didn’t want to just be home. He knew that wasn’t part of my plan.

Starting A Business Together

Although I began Motherhood Through My Eyes prior to our move, it wasn’t until discussing some ideas with my partner that I decided to focus my blog as a business. Every chance I could, I was coming up with ideas.

My spouse has always been a huge part of my blog even if I don’t mention him as often. This is why the logo of my brand has two palm trees. He’s the one in the background, keeping me sane.

Having a supportive husband has taught me the value of working as a team. At first, we considered ourselves the tag-teaming duo. It wasn’t until we began working on projects together that I noticed there was a true connection between us.

I remember one time I had to head to an event at night and I almost backed down because I didn’t want to leave him home with our firstborn on his day off from work. I wanted to spend time with him, but he told me to go.

That night, I connected with a group of mom bloggers who’ve forever changed my mindset. I’ve learned to hustle a lot harder than ever before and I’ve developed a close relationship with a handful of these women.

Throughout the years, my partner has continued to be like a business partner. I consult ideas with him, we visit clients together and he’s even helped me create images and videos for them. How cool is he?

Like most business partnerships, we’ve had our issues. I remember when I began freelancing to earn extra cash. The side hustle came between our relationship because I was no longer making time for my partner. Instead, I was handing off our children as he walked into the door and running to my laptop.

I know, it sounds terrible. However, it was the only way to meet deadlines every night.

Having a supportive husband teaches me to love what I do, and to appreciate life a little more each day. He understands what it takes to run a business and supports me each step of the way. One of the perks of a supportive husband is sharing ideas together as well as our lives.

Is there anyone in your life that pushes you to keep going? Tell me about it in a comment below.

Having a supportive husband is a blessing. Learn ways to turn deal with situations when your husband is not supportive.

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  1. We all need a partner in life that will support us all the way. That support is not only our motivation but our inspiration as well. It drives us to become and do better. It’s so nice that you found a husband who supports you no matter what.

    1. Thank you. I have to agree, inspiration is key when you need the strength to keep on going. It’s amazing when you can find that in a life partner.

  2. Having a partner means having someone to lean on for support and it’s really one of the best things about falling in love and being in a relationship. I think it’s awesome that you and your husband support each other, that’s really how it should work.

    1. Thank you, Carol. It really is a blessing. I don’t think I’d still be blogging if it weren’t for him. He inspires me to keep at it.

  3. How wonderful that you’ve paid him this tribute. I hope you let him read it. 🙂

    1. Oh, he reads all my posts. He’s my number one email subscriber 🙂

  4. it’s always nice to have a supportive husband! i also do have one! the reason wwhy i keep gaining weight! he’s very supportive that he didnt even mind me eating too much! haha

    1. Haha! I know the feeling. We do our best to eat at home this way we control what’s in our food and how it’s seasoned. 🙂

  5. 조이 Czjai (@RebelSweetHrt)

    I feel the same way towards my husband. He is my confidante, my number one critic, and my number one fan. 🙂

  6. What a wonderful post! Truly! There is NOTHING better than a supportive spouse! My husband is not “Mr. Romance” in the typical ways but he does things for me that others may consider out of the ordinary that mean the world to me. He also has always supported me in my career choices without blinking an eye. You and I, are very lucky!
    Thank you for sharing part of your story.

  7. It’s great having a supporting spouse during your whole marriage. I hit the jackpot with mine

  8. Thats really nice, that you both share the work…

  9. I think this is so awesome. My hubby is really supportive as well and it makes such a big difference. I could never do all I do without his support!

  10. So awesome that He stands behind you and supports you. my hubby does to and I couldnt be happier!

    1. Isn’t it awesome? I love being able to bounce back ideas with him here and there. We can learn so much from one another.

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