Virginia Aguirrebeitia introduces Pod 22, a fun concept for Miami moms to enjoy. Kids can make use of the indoor playground and other indoor activities Miami residents will love. This party pod has a lot to offer and worth checking out.

Why is the Pod 22 in Miami worth checking out? Virginia Aguirrebeitia creates a just for fun indoor playground Miami moms can enjoy.
Virginia Aguirrebeitia creates a just for fun indoor playground Miami moms can enjoy with their kids.

Making time for myself isn’t easy with small children. However, after being introduced to the Miami playground and salon, I realized it’s all about keeping the kids busy and safe. Located at 8101 Biscayne Blvd #102, it was a great place for some mommy and me time.

Manicures were a thing of the past when I had my second child. I resorted to trying different options to cover up my real nails, not realizing how terrible all those chemicals were on my overall health.

After being introduced to Pod 22 Miami, I’m thinking maybe I could squeeze in a visit or two here and there, and not have to worry about whether or not the kids are okay. There are certified babysitters keeping an eye on the kids and this is a bonus for a hovering parent like myself.

You’ll notice the images have people wearing socks in them. All guests are required to wear socks at the location. There is a small fee ($2.50) for those who need to purchase socks from the facility.

Perks Of Going To Pod 22

When I first heard about this place located near Miami Beach, I thought it was genius. After my first visit, I’m loving the concept. Below are perks of visiting this location instead of your typical indoor playground or nail salon:

1. Manicures with just girls are a thing of the past

You don’t need to be a mom of girls to enjoy a little time at the nail salon with your child. Regardless of age, there’s something for your child to enjoy. Boy moms, book your appointment today!

It’s an indoor playground Miami moms can get the most out of with kids. I like that it’s one of the places to choose when looking for things to do indoors in Miami.

2. Grab a snack while you wait

Taking your child anywhere means you have to load up the diaper bag with snacks and be on your way. At the Miami indoor playground Pod 22, there’s no need. There’s a vending machine with snacks for you to choose from, regardless of food sensitivities.

3. Certified babysitters are available throughout

Having certified babysitters available at the indoor playground and salon is enough to make you want to stop by, and possibly hire one for the night. Your nails will come out looking fabulous. Take it from me, I’m a semi-recovering nailbiter who only does it when she’s stressed.

Look how lovely my manicure turned out: 

A nail spa at an indoor playground is one of the fun indoors activities Miami residents can enjoy with kids.

4. Fairly-priced options for Miami residents

Because good service is never cheap, there are monthly spa package deals for you to enjoy — with or without your child. You can visit the website for more information on the birthday packages available.

Here is the latest price list for birthday parties and private playdates:

This indoor playground in Miami is a nail spa for moms. It's been voted one of the best things to do indoors in Miami.
You can always send an email to with any questions or concerns.

The Pod 22 allows a 30-min window for party setup and 30-minute time frame after the party for clean up. The staff does help with both setting up and the clean up portion.

Once your party ends, you can’t stick around as there may be other events scheduled.

5. Intensive therapies for child development delays and more

There have been many interesting updates to the Pod 22 since my visit. The location now offers intensive therapies, such as movement-based, school-setting transition, and multidisciplinary therapy.

Parents of kids with developmental delays, sensory disorders, and mild to moderate autism spectrum. These options are available to kids without a diagnosis and are struggling to meet developmental milestones as well as emotional regulation, according to the Pod 22 website.

In February 2021, the Pod 22 launched its Baby Brain Basics class. These classes are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 11 AM.

6. Open play options for the weekend

If you’re looking for an indoor playground, Miami residents are in luck. You can make a reservation to stop by visiting this website to know the next available open play date.

There are small group options if this is something you’d like to do with your child.

Pod 22 Virtual Tour

A quick video tour of the facility is available on YouTube. I’ve embedded the visual tour guide for easy viewing:

The location has about 4,000 square feet of use and was designed with visibility in mind. You can see your child from just about any angle throughout the facility.

There are three large wood structures with different game options for kids to play. A small area is set up for Montessori lessons and is used a projector to showcase things on a floor screen with other games.

Pod 22 has a licensed nail salon packed with ZOYA nail polishes as well as ESSIE and OPI. The nail salon section has tinted windows so your child isn’t able to see you relaxing, and your child gets to get the most out of their time away.

Two bathrooms are available for customer use and there is a baby changer available. Parking is conveniently placed behind the location.

Pod 22 is open daily with exceptions. The current schedule is Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM for Therapy Programs. Saturday and Sundays are strictly for Private Birthday Parties or Play Dates and (when available) Open Play.

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  1. Love that they have certified babysitters. I always worry about leaving my kids with someone I don’t know.

  2. Love this concept. Different than just dropping kids off at a daycare or camp.
    I have not been to Miami in FOREVER!

  3. OMG THIS PLACE IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I ever have kids, I will SOOOOOOOO be bringing my kids to a place like this so I can get a little pampering hahaha!

  4. That’s it, I’m moving! Why isn’t there one of these here in San Francisco?? I would go to it all of the time! It seems like such a great place for mom’s to get a little me time!

  5. This is so cool. It’s a great place to leave the kids in and keep them occupied while you finish errands for the day. I’m sure parents will have a peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe and having fun.

  6. You should not neglect yourself.

    I believe that having my own family is a huge blessing, additional blessings, and not substitutes. You should never lose old yourself.

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