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Potty training seems a lot easier the second time around. Our firstborn had some help from his preschool, and he’s ready to teach his baby brother how to be more independent.

When we first discussed getting our youngest ready to use the toilet, our eldest was quick to offer his assistance. He’s been such a wonderful help is preparing the little guy to use the potty, but what has also been helpful is bringing Pampers Easy Ups into the mix. They were recently voted on by thousands of parents to with this year’s Best New Product Award, and I definitely see why.

Tips To Potty Training Success
If you’re looking to potty train your child, then I recommend you have a lot of patience and a strong stomach. Whether you decide to leave your child in their Pampers Easy Ups or letting them wander around bare, you’ll have to consider the mess you’ll need to clean along the way.

To make potty training a success, there are a number of things to keep in mind:
1) Brace yourself. Your little one may or may not be ready. You’ll know when they are.
2) A stuffed animal makes a wonderful companion.
3) You’ll want to keep wipes and no-rinse wash handy when you’re on the go.
4) Pampers Easy Ups are a blessing when used right.

If you’re looking to potty train your little one with Easy Ups, then you should use them as underwear — accidents can happen, but they can also be avoided.

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