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Tips for planning trips

Planning ahead makes my life a lot easier…

Whenever Jeff is home, we are always on-the-go. From dog parks to dog beaches and more, our trips always include our two boys. And this time around, we are getting ready for a trip up North to visit family. Well, not THAT up! Next month, we are heading to Orlando and Tampa to visit family. It was a random idea Jeff and I thought about early December and now we are just two weeks away from taking it. Although it is very exciting, we are planning to take a couple of things to make our ride and stay a lot smoother.

For starters, I received a package in the mail with products to try from rove, an eco-friendly and mobile lifestyle brand. These products could not have come in a better time! In the box, were three items:


20-Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler

Infuse drinks on the go with fresh or frozen fruit, flavored ice or fresh herbs.


14-Ounce Double Wall Hot & Cold Hydration Mug

Sip hot or cold beverages from anywhere around the lid with 360 degree access and a spill-proof lock.

7-Piece Laptop Iced Bento Lunch Box

The perfect lunch box for those looking for healthy, portion-controlled lunches, the BPA-free Bento Box includes multiple compartments, cutlery and an ice-pack compartment to keep food cold and fresh for hours.

Here is an image of items I posted on Instagram:

As we continue to plan and prepare everything for our trip, I cannot wait to already be on our way. <3

Is it weird that I have already packed Sebastian’s bag? I like making a list of items we will need and even packing way in advance to make sure the items on the list are not left behind. Odd, I know, but I like to prepare for whatever life might through at us. Because, after all, you just never know what tomorrow might bring.

Preparing for trips, whether long or short, is always so exciting for me. But if left for last minute, packing might seem more like a headache because you are rushing to make sure you have everything you think you will need rather than the things you know you will use. Here are four tips to making sure your trips are as smooth as possible:  

*Remember, anything could go wrong, but if you try your best to prepare in advance, you are less likely to experience the headaches of leaving important things behind. 

1. Purchase non-perishable items at least a week in advance. If you need to buy a gift or a certain item for someone, make sure you purchase the item(s) in advance. Be sure to place the item next to the bag(s) you will be taking for your trip.

2. Discuss sleeping arrangements with the people or place you will be staying. Having a furry son means we need to make sure people/places can accommodate him as well. Since Rocky is well-behaved, people love having him over. Issues tend to arise when the people do not know him.

3. Pack necessary items, and extras just in case. Although we are going to be away for two days, I plan to pack extra clothes for the little guy just in case the weather is too cool or even too hot. Extra outfits are a must when dealing with toddlers! 

4. Make a list of things you will need to take on the trip. We are planning to take an air mattress, Rocky’s bed, and bringing some fruits for our trip. These are just a couple of items on our list to take, and we can prepare these items the morning of our trip.

Are there any tips you would like to add? Comment below!
Also, stay tuned for a recap of our trip to visit family and how we used these products on our way up! 

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