This is the second time we pack a hospital bag for the birth of our child. Now that I know what to expect, I’ll definitely pack a lot lighter.

During my first pregnancy, I thought I needed practically everything in my home. I felt as though I’d be moving into the hospital for about a week. I was wrong. I went home in two days. Although this is a short time for someone who had undergone a C-section, I was perfectly fine and, according to the nurse, was strong-minded.

The First Hospital Bag 
The first time I prepared my hospital bag, I thought I had watched enough YouTube videos and read all the blog posts out there on what to bring with me to the hospital. Most of the moms included tips on what to expect when you arrive at the hospital and all the things that would be accessible.

I love to make sure I have everything I need before heading out anywhere, so this trip to the hospital wasn’t going to be that much different.

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, towels, sandals, PJs, lotions, granny underwear and of course lots of pads! That was what I packed for myself. 

My son had three to four outfits, and I made sure they were interchangeable based on the weather. I gave birth in July, but I wanted to make sure I had a sweater or two in case it was cold at the hospital.

I should’ve known my son wouldn’t be wearing any of the clothes I brought until the day he left the hospital, but something told me it is better to overpack than to miss something (or two). 😉

The Second Time Around 
I started packing for my second trip to the hospital in April, and I am so glad I got a headstart from the wonderful folks at HUGGIES and Edelman Chicago.

Click here to learn all about the wonderful features of the latest HUGGIES Little Snugglers Newborn diapers. 

I told a PR rep from Edelman Chicago about the first few nights with my son at the hospital and how the nurse had given me several packs of PAMPERS Newborns. I will forever remember my son’s cry when he woke up screaming on the first night because he had soiled his sheets. Poor baby! And I definitely won’t forget about the night after his circumcision!

After learning about our story, the PR rep sent over two packs of the HUGGIES Little Snugglers Newborn diapers for us to try on our new bundle of joy.

Note: We have been using HUGGIES since we ran out of the PAMPERS Newborns, and are so thankful for the opportunity to try the new HUGGIES Little Snugglers Newborn diapers. Our first-born is potty training with HUGGIES Pull-Ups Learning Designs and we always keep HUGGIES Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants in nearby for pool days or in our diaper bag, just in case we decide to explore another beach here in South Florida. 

4 responses to “Preparing My Hospital Bag, Part Deux”

  1. My sister is having another boy (just found out the gender yesterday), and is due in October! Congrats on your second miracle!!! I am sooo excited to become an aunt for the second time!!! The diapers used for her first baby were Huggies. But he was allergic to the bleach in the diapers, and therefore had switch to natural diapers! Sorry Huggies!!!

  2. I also overpacked for my hospital stays when I was having surgery. Unless you are at death's door they don't keep you very long.

  3. Well, I found out that I will have a new nephew, come the end of October! So, excited! Hope everything goes well, and am looking forward to seeing how he and his older brother are going to react to each other! lol

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